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WebConfig - Edit Model Bindings

After defining an integration provider you must apply some model bindings. The integration will only be available to these 'bound' models. Also note, integrations can only be bound to models that have the 'Enable Pro Features (OSLC, WebEA and Integration)' option enabled.

The 'Edit Bindings' page provides this information and these options.




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Provider Name

(Read Only) The Name of the Provider which you are editing the bindings of.

Provider Type

(Read Only) The Provider type (Enterprise Architect, Jira, etc).

Model Bindings

The Model Bindings section lists all model connections which currently have pro features enabled. Next to each model connection name is a checkbox. Check this box to bind the integration provider with that model connection (i.e. making the integration available when using that model).

Note, one Provider can be bound to many model connections.

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