Author Topic: Version 3.60 - Build 654 Released  (Read 1464 times)


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Version 3.60 - Build 654 Released
« on: December 08, 2003, 05:01:47 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 654

Modified the image generation code to allow creation of larger in memory bitmaps for drawing. This avoids having larger images scaled down when saved to file in PNG, JPG, etc. format. This affects the Save Imge to File and HTML/RTF generated images. WMF and EMF format are not changed.
Added option in Tools/Options dialog - Diagram page to set the maximum amount of memory to allocate when creating memory bitmaps for images. This can be increased from the default where sufficient ram and pagefile space exist.
Fixed error with XMI package round tripping and "Virtual Documents" losing package identifiers
Instances of EA COM objects started from automation are now marked as single use to prevent inadvertent re-use of the same COM object when running multiple automation clients.
Fixed error with some toolbar images when Zicom Mentor add-in is active.
Modified algorithm to determine font sizing when zooming in and out. Corrects issue with some blank space appearing at the end of diagram elements with many attributes and/or operations. Element appearance is now more consistent at all zoom levels.
Modified Zoom procedure to retain current diagram centre when zooming in or out, rather than retaining the upper left corner position. Generally only noteiceable when diagram exceeds size of visible window.
Fixed issue with Package "Note" of root package not being retained thru XMI round trip.
Fixed bug in Integrity Check when checking Object Features.
Change PostgreSQL auto increment DDL script to lower case.
Fixed bug in Foreign Key Dialog allowing duplicate names.
Updated C++ Import feature to accept inheritances as "virtual public"-previously only "public virtual" was accepted.
Fixed bug in C++ Synch, which caused implementation notes to lose a carriage return during synchronize.
Fixed bug which could prevent classifier type being saved properly, when retyped manually into combobox.
Code Generation for custom languages now excecutes only the "File" template- previously hardwired to execute the "Class" template.
Updated Java Parameter template use "final" keyword for fixed parameters.
Updated Java Class Inherits template to handle sub-interfaces.
Updated Java Operation Declaration template to correct the "throws" specification.
Updated C++ Operation Declaration templates to correct the "throws" specification and "const" stereotype.
Group permissions now flow through other members of the group.
Modified LockPackage dialog to prevent repeated display of warning message when locking on behalf of another group
Fixed bug in Code generation which prevented VBNet namespace Import statements from being automatically generated.
Fixed bug in C# import feature which could prevent enums from being imported correctly.
Fixed bug in Code generation feature to allow Delphi export paths to be saved in the registry.
Updated the Image Manager Dialog for elements that causes the currently-selected alternate image to be selected in the list by default.
Updated the UML Profile Save/Import features to selectively save and import additional UML Profile options including:
 - Element Size fields (cx, cy)
 - Color and Appearance fields (bgcolor, fontcolor, bordercolor, borderwidth)
 - Alternate Image (metafile, or <Image/> Element, if there is an alternate metafile image defined for the element)
 - Code Templates (<Template /> Element, if there is a code template defined for the stereotype in the Profile)