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bob lytton

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importing C++ library headers
« on: April 19, 2002, 03:28:35 am »
I am relatively new to UML and C++ and so may be missing the point badly. (scary hu!)
I have had a look through the help files, manual, FAQ, threads, but came up with nothing of real help.

I would like to use string from the <string> library in my model. Initially I created a dummy class "string" but would prefer to import the header with all methods etal. On attempting this it gave me nothing! I have imported <bastring.h> but this does not give me what I had hoped... or has it?
(I was using the gnu29 library headers)

I get the feeling that I am on a steep learning curve and would appreciate any one willing to help.

I am also willing to put together a FAQ for others like me!