Author Topic: Version 4.1 - Build 731 Released  (Read 1772 times)


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Version 4.1 - Build 731 Released
« on: July 06, 2004, 09:10:32 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 731

Modified operation of user security when "User Lock required to Edit" enabled. Allow editing of locked elements within unlocked packages.
Fixed error which could result from using context menu on diagram object directly after deleting attribute in Project View
Modified Object Find dialog to allow searches on Association and Decision elements
Fixed saving Priority and Difficulty fields for Requirement Elements.
Modified HTML Document generation to not provide the Goto links in the Linked Section if there's no <a/> tag to refer to
Modified MySQL DDL generation to include "," after last field and before Primary Key directive
Modified Boundary element drawing to prevent stereotype strings being incorrectly drawn over with the element's name
Fixed behavior where element descriptions were not being updated when the package they reside in was renamed
Fixed intermittent error which could result when deleting columns from tables with foreign keys
Modified Hide Qualifier behavior to show/hide qualifiers for package contents.
Added check for blank datatypes when creating foreign keys.
Added support for displaying element features in a movable label when the element is displayed with an alternate image.
Artifact element added to element "Change type" dialog
Fixed problem with foreign key references to unique constraints
Removed direction restriction for self-connectors.
Many improvements to the XMI importer for XML written out by the NetBeansWriter for XMI 1.2
Fixed copy-paste behavior to copy style information for diagram element connectors.
Fixed the file save-as dialog for Saving UML profiles to prompt the user to overwrite.
Fixed SQL memory leak on large DDL import (too many open cursors error message).
Fixed error in DDL output for MySQL.

Code Template Updates:
- C++ Class body generates inline destructors for interfaces if destructors are being generated.