Author Topic: Version 4.1 - Build 732 Released  (Read 1562 times)


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Version 4.1 - Build 732 Released
« on: July 25, 2004, 10:13:57 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.1 Build 732

First implementation of "Smart Snap" an alternative to "Snap to Grid" which helps tidy layout diagram elements while you work - see View Main Menu
Added option to convert linked classifier to local instance in diagrams (object context menu)
Added support for setting non-model local options when a model is not opened within EA.
Modified Resolve Replication conflicts to pick up additional conflicts
Further enhancements to the XMI importer for Rose UML 1.3 based XMI, Netbeans based XMI and others
Initial support for XMI .12 export (beta). May be selected on the XMI Export dialog
Added option to not export custom EA tagged values when exporting XMI to other tools for code generation etc.
Added support for Extension Points being drawn when Use Case displayed in rectangular format
Changed default Z-order of attached notes/constraints for associations
Changed SQL Server comments for ODBC DDL import and generate DDL from 'remarks' to 'MS_Description'.
Fixed error throen by SQL Server repository when placing target element on diagram from relationships window.
Fixed crash when transferring model to Oracle and there's an integrity constraint violation caused by an orphaned object in an eap file.
Fixed missing index in DDL generation.
Fixed ODBC DDL import of MySQL tables with multiple foreign keys.
Fixed bug in the PHP parser for methods returning references.
Fixed bug on importing tables where option to "never" autolayout diagram had no effect.
Modified element editing in locked diagram to prevent changing appearance thru F4 or context menu
Fixed error with "Hide Connectors" setting on diagram - connector labels were still 'selectable'
Ensured boundary entity and control robustness elements were same size when added from toolbox or dropped from tree
Fixed issue with Note element "Link to Connector Tags" function
Fixed bug where elements with alternate images could be incorrectly being draw when generating HTML documentation.
Fixed issue with buttons losing state under Korean language
Added support for exporting and importing stereotype metafiles as per the Reference Data import and export.
Fixed issue when deleting a namespace from the namespace dialogue didn't update the project view.
Corrected sort order on date and numeric columns in Resource Details, Project Issues, Test Details, Project Statistics and Timeline dialogs.
Added option when generating package DDL to delete target files where selected single file for each table.
Updated UML Pattern behavior to import package elements
Corrected locate element behavior in Relationships dialog to locate package elements in Project View
Corrected issue where Method/Attribute Constraints were being incorrectly exported in HTML with non-renderable <br> tags.
Fixed issue where directions for Activity Edges were incorrectly settable in the connector properties.
Fixed bug where the modify property dialogue didn't load up the scope for existing methods.
Refresh and sort the resource list control on the Resource Details dialog.
Refresh and sort the resource list control on the Resource Details dialog.
Locate Object command in Resource Details dialog fixed to allow search for packages.
Fixed bug on SQL Server repository when setting a property for a class attribute.
Corrected XMI export behavior to write log file when requested
Fixed bug on SQL Server repository when setting a property for a class attribute.
Fixed occasional menu corruption after add-in menu had been active.
Modified Required and Provided Interface element to allow checking base interface properties
Modified XML import/export to handle issue with Communication Message parent AssociationRoles
Added update to open diagrams to remove deleted elements when complete package hierarchies are deleted.
Fixed issue where stereotype notes on UML profiles were being incorrectly imported.
Fixed table support for UML Profiles.

Code Template Updates:
      - C# Operation Declaration : Fixed erroneous generation of access modifier for static constructors.
     - C++ Class Body : Updated to use default constructor/destructor visibility options + bug fix