Author Topic: Version 4.1 - Build 733 Released  (Read 1459 times)


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Version 4.1 - Build 733 Released
« on: August 04, 2004, 07:15:27 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 733

Added abitlity to suppress package contents in a diagram using the Set Feature Visibility (use Attribute scope setting) or Diagram dialog "Visible Class Memebers"
Added ability to import Test Cases from other elements into current elements Test Set (right click in docked Testing Window)
Added ability to select other element to import Scenarios from as Test scripts (Docked Test Window - Import Scenarios)
Added ability to show Test scripts as compartment in most elements (set for Diagram using Diagram properties dialog - Show Testing)
Added ability to show Maintenance items as compartment in most elements (set for Diagram using Diagram properties dialog - Show Maintenance)
Added ability tp show status of Requirement Change and Issue elements with coloured band on left edge (Set as global option from Tools/Options dialog - Object page)
Added support for deletion of attributes/operations from code during forward synchronization (see : Tools/options dialog, Attributes/Operations page )
Updated automation interface when creating new diagrams to allow placement below a parent element if necessary
Added Repository Automation Interface calls : GetTechnologyByVersion, IsTechnologyLoaded, ImportTechnology
Added new context menu in diagrams.
     Using Control+RightMouseButton click, a context menu of all elements in the currently selected UML Toolbox folder is shown.
          Selecting an element will place it at the current mouse position
          Selecting a connector will place EA into "insert new connector" mode
          The UML toolbox does not have to be visible for this to work
          The new context menu will only show elements currently enabled in a folder. Any hidden elements will not be shown.
Added Control+LeftMouseclick as a shortcut to toggle a linepoint on a connector. Makes it much simpler to develop complex line routing.
Corrected behavior where elements created by stereotypes in UML Profiles created prior to EA 4.1 did not import user-defined tagged values.
Fixed problem with XMI import when referencing Sequence messages between elements linked into diagram in, but not actually contained in, the imported file                       
Several changes to Diagram load to increase perfomance over slow network connections (eg. ADSL or ISDN)
Several improvements to the XMI importer, specifically for Rose based models using XMI 1.1 (state machines and activity models)
For Unicode build added ability to set a custom codepage for ALL source code generation, import and export on a per model basis (see: Tools/options dialog Generation page [unicode only])
Added ability to specify a Matrix Profile as a target from a Hyperlink object in a diagram. Use $matrix:// as the target prefix followed by name of profil (eg. $matrix://MyProfile)
Modified all XMI exporters to re-order operation parameters in same order as contained in model
Modified Namespace dialog to allow longer namespace names. Same for "Insert Linked Element" dialog
Modified Link constraint tab page to correct issue with not being marked dirty with some keystrokes
Modified Project/resource Details tab page to handle input keystrokes and new additions better
Fixed issue with elements being marked as "contained by parent" when dragged on top of another element, but both elements in different packages
Fixed issue with RTF generation very occasionally missing initial character of sentence after line break
Fixed issue with Spacebar not being recognized as a keystroke for marking some input dialogs "dirty"
Updated XMI exporter for Rose format to indicate EA Exporter version - "4.1RR"
Modified docked relations window and Set Feature Visibility window to show connection Role name (if available)
Ensured "Insert Related Elements" Namespace combo was being refreshed correctly after modifying project namespaces.
Modified RTF document export behavior to support user-selected page size/orientation selections.
Added ability to print diagram frames via user-selectable local option.
Modified Element properties dialog to allow null-length phase string.
CSV export from Matrix supports , and " characters.
CSV import spec definition doesn't prompt to overwrite file.
CSV export doesn't fail where last field of any object is empty.
Added linkStereotype macro to Code Template Framework, for accessing stereotype of connectors
Fixed code gen issue that could cause conditions of list macros to be ignored for parameter and base class lists

Code Template Updates:
- Fixed incorrect LinkedAttributeDeclaration template for PHP.
- VB.Net Class Inherits template updated to check for multiple inheritance
- C++ File : added new line to end of template, to resolve compiler compatibility issues
- C++ Attribute Declaration : added check for "mutable" tagged value set
- C++ Operation Declaration : added check for "explicit" tagged value set