Author Topic: Version 5.0 - Build 766 Released  (Read 2077 times)


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Version 5.0 - Build 766 Released
« on: June 02, 2005, 07:13:05 pm »
Added support for moving connector end to new source or target using mouse (Shift+ Left Mouse click on end to move - then click on new target)
Modified sequence diagram behavior to automatically move elements below a moved, deleted or added message up or down as required to preserve diagram format
Modified sequence diagrams to show Use Cases as ellipses where appropriate
Fixed bug when adding Port or Part to sequence diagram (could cause crash)
Modified sequence diagram to correctly show names of all lifelines in caption bar - previously some (such as Use Case) were not shown
Added support for moving from one selected connector to another using the arrow keys
Fixed issue with Enter key not invoking Property dialog for connectors
Modified EA to not reset main menu every time it runs - supports additional user customization of menus. Note: adding or modifying license keys will revert menu to default
Added "BatchAppend" property to automation interface. Use when adding large numbers of elements, attributes, operations or parameters to a model. Provides significant performance boost. Note: you must set BatchAppend to false when complete
Fixed relative file paths when EA is on a repository.
Added option to draw aggregations and compositions from target to source.
Fixed incorrect DDL of PostgreSQL primary key if the PK operation was not the first in the operations list.
Fixed issue where RTF documents viewed with the internal viewer would incorrectly print and print preview.
Fixed buffer overrun in Image Manager when performing an update.
Fixed automation method Attribute.IsOrdered to record True value correctly.
Corrected output of the legacy RTF generator to output object aliases.
Fixed consistency issue with Collaboration message links when deleting the association they are attached to.
Fixed automation Repository.OpenFile() to deal gracefully with non-string values.
Slight modification of label drawing on Transitions to better format Trigger\Guard\Effect details, including source code on multiple lines
Fixed RTF generator issue where diagrams were incorrectly being duplicated.
Fixed issue with slow performance clicking in large diagrams with many visible Attributes
Fixed Automation issue with broadcast events that could cause a crash if diagram was reloaded by add-in.