Author Topic: Version 6.0 - Beta Released For Registered Users  (Read 1850 times)


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Version 6.0 - Beta Released For Registered Users
« on: October 30, 2005, 09:53:26 pm »
Sparx Systems are proud to advise that the first BETA of version 6.0 of Enterprise Architect is now available for download.  
Registered users can access the BETA from the Registered User section of our website at    
Please take note that EA 6.0 BETA is provided for evaluation and informational purposes as BETA software, and should not be used with production models or on production machines.  
Please report any bugs by using the page. Direct any suggestions and/or comments to  

Enterprise Architect Version 6.0
Release Notes for EA 6.0 build 775

Model Discussion Forum:

 New forum view in main diagram area
 Ability to add categories, topics and posts
 Elements from EA project tree can be linked to a post (drag drop)
 Ability to load and save in HTML
 Shortcuts/Keyboard enhancements

Build, Test, Debug and Execute Support:

 Ability to setup and run compile commands from within EA
 Ability to click on compile errors in EA and open in the code editor
 Ability to show a code editor in the main diagram area
 Ability to setup and run jUnit and nUnit testing commands
 Ability to click on jUnit and nUnit errors and locate error in code
 Ability to run a program associated with a package in EA
 Ability to store multiple build/test/run scripts for a package
 * Debugging of Java applications - requires JAVA 1.5 SDK (including JVMTI) - see Help file for details
 Debugging of .NET applications (.NET 1.x) directly in EA, including breakpoints, local variables, call stack

Create Sequence diagrams from executing code:

 Ability to create sequence diagrams from an EA debug stack history (.NET and Java only)


 Added support for importing and generating WSDL files
 Added support for importing XML Schema files
 Added built-in WSDL toolbox to support rapid modeling, development and reuse of key WSDL components
 Added built-in XML Schema toolbox
 Extended support for XML Schema modeling (top-level elements, attributes, groups etc.)
 Added XML node outline to built-in code editor


 Support for storing EA models on the Progress OpenEdge DBMS

Integrated Model Documents:

 Create, edit and save rich text documents directly within EA
 Stereotyped Artifact elements <<model document>> provide direct model document support
 In Corporate version any element may also have a linked rich text document stored in EA
 Use document templates to define a set of project wide document templates for rapid use
 Print, preview, import, store, edit and manage RTF documents directly in EA
 Integrate model document content into existing RTF reports generated from EA

New Search/Report View:

 Report view is expanded with new columns
 Report view now lists both diagram and package contents depending on context
 Powerful search engine has been built into report view
 Create and save complex search criteria, show results in report view
 VS Integration of search results

Code Engineering:

 Live code generation for all major languages: Model changes updated in code real-time.
 Significant performance improvements for reverse engineering large code bases
 Enhancements to Code Engineering option pages
 Added code outline to source code editor
 Added simple "parse error" display to code outline to highlight first error EA's code parser locates in file
 Added support for additional visibility terms (protected internal etc.)


 Added support for Action Script 2.0
 Significant Enhancements to C++, VB, VB Net and Delphi round-trip engineering
 Ability to open source files from the main menu - including XML, WSDL, XSD etc.
 Added built-in support for Python
 Added support for AspectJ

MOF Support:

 Ability to export EA model elements to MOF
 Ability to validate EA model against MOF

OCL Support:

 Ability to write OCL scripts
 Ability to evaluate a wide range of OCL expressions dynamically and report errors to user
 Ability to validate models using OCL expressions

MDA Transforms:

 Ability to perform multiple transforms at once
 Added possibility of creating a connector to any element with a known guid
 Added option to automatically chain transformations
 Added option to automatically generate code from transformations

Shape Scripting Language:

 Allows definition of complex shapes and decorations in a simple language
 Attach to scripts to stereotypes or profile elements for alternative rendering in diagrams


 Improved ability to tailor UML toolbox by Perspective
 Ability to configure and store user perspectives
 Ability to associate a UML Profile or Technology with a Perspective
 Ability for add-in to load and set perspectives
 Associate Perspective with User Layout
 Ordering of Tech Folders in Toolbox

Support for new major profiles:

 Profiles now include MOF/OCL validation, complex shapes and perspectives
 SysML Profile for systems engineers
 BPMN Profile for business modeling
 Model validation rules for SysML
 Model validation rules for BPMN

Version Control:

 Support for Subversion
 Support for off-line checkouts
 Added Automation Interfaces for checkin, checkout and getstatus

Relationship Matrix:

 Fixed issue with cells being locked when either source or target is locked.
 Removed menu item "Delete Relationship" when selected Link Direction is "Bi-Directional".
 Introduced visual cue to indicate whether link is locked. Where a cell has links in both directions, S->T is shown.
 Right-clicking off the matrix is now ignored.
 Right-clicking on a source or target element opens a property dialog for the element.

Miscellaneous :
 Mouse over diagram elements now shows tooltip
 Hold left mouse down and tap right mouse simulates Ctrl+Right Mouse for easier element addition in diagrams
 Support for alternative rendering of data-modeling associations (IDFX1, Information Engineering)
 Fixed connector context menu, to observe lock status of connector's source/target objects.
 Fixed issue with adding packages to VC when working file of same name already exists. Duplicate file name is now rejected.
 Fixed problem retrieving status of nested CVS controlled packages held in sub-directories of CVS working directory.
 Fixed problem when adding package to version control. Clicking Cancel in "Keep Checked Out" dialog, now aborts the operation.
 Fixed problem with Exposed Interfaces ignoring version control locking.
 Fixed problem of ignoring the lock status of target and/or source objects, when invoking the Reverse Direction command for connectors.
 Fixed problem of ignoring lock status of parent, when dragging an item in the project tree.
 Fixed problem with CVS "Get Package", to handle packages in sub-directories correctly. (Different to problem fixed in 771.)
 Fixed bug loading populating Language combo box in Transformation Templates Editor dialog on Oracle repository.
 Fixed bug in integrity check on MySQL repository when running recover to remove invalid foreign keys.
 Fixed bug when importing/synchronizing classes on Oracle repository.
 Added support to "remember" the chosen type in the "Select By Type" dialog.
 Added menu item "Lock Diagram" to Diagram drop-down menu, off main menu.
 Numerous additional small bug fixes and performance enhancements

* Note: the Local Variable and Stack Trace Navigation features for the Java Debugger are under development and will be available with the release of EA 6.0 Beta