Author Topic: Version 6.1 - Released (Build 789)  (Read 2777 times)


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Version 6.1 - Released (Build 789)
« on: April 03, 2006, 06:45:14 pm »
Improved handling of relocated packages, diagrams, objects, connectors and features on XMI import (including version controlled packages).
Improved XMI import when using the "Strip GUIDS" option
Improved handling of an attempt to create an invalid link, the quicklinker menu is now shown instead of the "invalid uml syntax" message.
Corrected issues where elements with linked documents would misbehave when placed under version control or in a locked state.
Added packageNotes macro to code template framework.
Changed default state action types to "entry", "exit" and "do" for UML 2.0 compliance.
Improved ODBC import of SQL Server stored procedures.
Added ability to edit Connector properties from Element dialog - Link page
Prevented DDL generation of triggers when Create Trigger checkbox is cleared.
Generate SQL Server stored procedures - removed parameter brackets if no parameters to generate.
Automation change - property assignment fixed for EA.Connector.SupplierEnd.Stereotype
Automation change - EA.Package.FindObject() now explicitly excludes Diagrams
Added ActionScript 3 support.
Improved parsing of C++ function pointers, delegates and parameters.
Added support for C++ methods overriden by const.
Resolved issues with synchronisation of inner classes.
Resolved issue with synchronisation of class notes.
Improved transormation of complex package structures.
Improved handling of some constructs in .Net Disassembly.
Fixed issue drawing usecase extension points in rectangle notation.
Interaction Fragments, Activity Partitions, and Boundary elements may now have custom background colours
Improved handling of UTF-8 source files.
Added support for obtaining user message when adding package to version control.
Improved handling of reconnection to a repository following a network interruption
Fixed issue with alternate connector notations.
Allow elements that have an alternate image to be resized to at least the minimum image size.
Corrected notation for abstract actors - name now uses italic font.
Added Image command to the shape script feature to allow rendering of images defined in Settings->Images.
Improved zoom to allow zooming to selected connector in a diagram.
Improved the stereotype dialog to display warning if exiting without saving changes.
Modified metamodel to allow Signal element to allow operations and attributes
Modified Signal element to allow ownership by other elements.
Improved processing of Subversion response in Get Package command, when long usernames are involved.