Author Topic: Version 6.1 - Released (Build 790)  (Read 2635 times)


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Version 6.1 - Released (Build 790)
« on: April 30, 2006, 11:35:29 pm »
Disallowed automatic creation of windows reserved filenames in code engineering.
Modified C++ parsing of static properties and friend functions.
Resolved issue reverse engineering C++ pure virtual methods.
Fixed generation of C++ anonymous enumerations and stopped them being synchronised.
Modified .Net disassembly import to handle static properties.
Added round trip of Actionscript class scope, rest parameters, prototype attributes and literal methods.
Added parsing of * syntax for Actionscript untyped variables.
Modified "Package Control" menu to ensure that "Get Package" is disabled when selected package is checked-in.
Improved processing of Subversion status results, when long usernames are involved.
Modified the Get Package command for Subversion, to handle localised Subversion output.
Modified hyperlinks in the Help Menu, to overcome problem of some browsers not being able to open the URLs.
Modified the Configure Version Control dialog, to prevent problems when attempting to disconnect from invalid configurations.
Fixed crash when generating an RTF document on a large project.
Fixed RTF bookmarks not displaying correctly.
Resolved issue where new classes exported using MDG Link for Visual Studio would not successfully complete.
Resolved issue where importing classes using MDG Link for Visual Studio would duplicate pre-imported classes.
Resolved issue of missing tagged values at connector ends during an XMI import.
Ctrl+Alt+M now always behaves appropriately to the Project View's selection.
MiscData() automation calls now accessible through the dispatch interface (ie. scripting languages).
Disabled menu item "Add Model from Pattern", for packages that are locked.
Implemented Automation method Repository.ShowInProjectView()