Author Topic: Version 6.1 - Released (Build 792)  (Read 2919 times)


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Version 6.1 - Released (Build 792)
« on: July 12, 2006, 08:54:35 pm »
Changed code generation to omit package names containing spaces.
RTF generator correctly includes scenerio elements when generating a Single element.
Added Alias and Type Fields for External Requirements when generating RTF documentation.
Improved diagram loading speed over slow connections.
Improved parsing of VB.Net array expressions.
Improved parsing of C++ floating point expressions.
Changed XSD and WSDL transformations to no longer update class names.
Resolved issue that could cause a crash when dragging items from the project view.
Improvement of "Get Latest" using SCC, to better handle case where it is unknown whether to expect an update.
Resolved issue that prevented embedded elements from being dropped onto a locked parent in an unlocked diagram.