Author Topic: WANOptimizer result thread  (Read 954 times)

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WANOptimizer result thread
« on: March 20, 2009, 09:53:23 pm »
As promised in this thread I made some tests with the WAN Optimizer (furthermore referred to as WO).
But why not have a generic thread for results so, folks, feel free to post your experiences below.

WANOptimizer beta2 requires at least EA build 842 (7.5beta3). A test with EA 7.5 beta2 resulted in dozens of "database session not authenticated"  messages.

All tests have been applied on our corporate system model with 900 MB in size, 2000 packages and 13000 elements. Database is a MSSQL server.

All scenarios are run from the same Dell laptop by just using different connection strings.

1) Inside the corporate network with direct connection to the SQLServer, 100 MBit/s network lines.
Opening the model takes without WO takes approximately 12-15 seconds. The same constellation with WO active use s exactly 7 seconds.
Opening element properties or accessing the context menu brings no advantages.
A large and (way too) complex diagram is opened in 16 seconds without WO, with WO it takes 12 seconds. Opening it the second time used 4 (!) seconds (WO only).

It seems that WO also optimises database access in standard scenarios.

2) VPN connection via DSL, 2MBit downstream/256kBit  upstream.
VPN is routed through several corporate locations  and servers countrywide so some latency can be expected.
Opening the model take 160 seconds without WO. With WO, it opens in 45 seconds.
Accessing an element contect menu takes up to 15 seconds without WO, under WO control it is 5-6 seconds on average.
The properties dialog of an element appears after 5-7 seconds unoptimised, optimised it showed up almost right after double clicking an element.
The diagram tested above showed up after 30 seconds in standard scenario, with WO it took about 15 seconds.
10 seconds the second time it was called.

So far I can say WO substatially increases performance. It can not resolve latency issues nor can it do miracles on slow upstream links.
I have also not modified elements or done complex searches or report generation, import/export, etc.

But it definitely improves the workflow. The question is will it be enough for a constant and comfortable workflow via VPN.

More hopefully to come.



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Re: WANOptimizer result thread
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2009, 10:50:03 pm »

Thanks for sharing this information with all of us.

We're getting ready to go multi-user networked and are now thinking that the WAN Optimizer is worth the upgrade to a beta (hopefully we'll be out of beta shortly).



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