Author Topic: Version 6.5 - Released (Build 799)  (Read 2385 times)


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Version 6.5 - Released (Build 799)
« on: October 16, 2006, 06:50:46 pm »
Resolved issue of using "paths.txt" file from application install directory.  Copies to, and thereafter uses from, the application data directory.
Resolved issue where nested RTF document sections in table cells could render incorrectly.
Corrected inconsistency on saving Alias field on requirements.
Corrected error with Import Source Directory associating a class with an incorrect directory.
Corrected error with order of imported Delphi parameters.
Added option for the search path for implementation files for C and C++.
Added checks for C++ method implementations inside a namespace.
Added default length, scale and precision values when using DDL transformation.
Fixed issue where Maintenance Issues where not being displayed in the HTML Report.
Fixed issue where HTML Report did not work properly with IIS6 on Windows 2003.
Improved display of keywords in expansion region.
Prevented small change in position when 'converting linked element to local copy'
Prevented the "save changes" messagebox being raised on the stereotype dialog when navigating it's list with the arrow keys.
Prevented multiplicity labels from wrapping to multiple lines.
Corrected occassional issue when adding multiple object flows between two activities.
Added help link to the Generalization Set dialog
Corrected issue with incrementing the suffix of the names of new embedded elements.
Minor fix for WMF images when rendering in Adobe Illustrator.
Corrected issue with Test Case glyphs drawing the 'x' symbol in white when exporting to metafiles.
Enhanced Pan & Zoom window to show page extents.
Corrected issue with creating Enumeration elements using the New Element dialog.
Increased width of status color outline on some elements to make it more prominent
Corrected issue with .NET debugger failing to record some methods when executed as arguments to other methods
Updated debugger to auto-save generated sequence diagrams
Updated debugger to log message when breakpoints fail to bind at runtime
Fix for issue when importing WSDL files containing multiple PortType operations with the same name
Added support for extended UML constructs to the Relationship Matrix
Allow more than 4 shared keys to be auto checked out.
Added shortcut generation of sequence diagram for a given method in model
Modified DDL transformation to copy additional properties of attributes.
Corrected issue with HTML Generator where images in linked documents were rendered with their absolute file paths defined.
Fixed issue where the XSD Importer lost the value of the attribute "use" on XSDattributes
Fixed issue where the XMI 1.2 Importer lost attribute dataTypes and operation stereotypes for XMI exported by Together
Fixed issue where the XMI 1.1 Importer lost Association Class link if the Association Class is in a separate package than the Classes it associates
Improvements in general XMI import for XMI exported by MIMB
Corrected the XMI 2.1 Exporter so as to stop prefixing "vis_" before the visibility of all UML constructs in XMI
Trigger Type Dropdown now displays correctly in Windows 2000
Fixed minor issue where RTF heading style could be applied incorrectly.
Standard RTF templates updated.
Improved speed of generating RTF reports.
Added RTF option to stop generation of bookmarks in documents.
Improved handling of constructors and non-public members in .Net reflection import.
Prevented "Ctrl+Alt+X" from invoking "View Package XMI" when there is no model loaded.
Improved handling of large packages and models in package transform
Fixed issue where adding a new status type could prevent some status combo boxes from being populated
Resolved issue where project security locks on Root nodes were not removed correctly.
Resolved issue where project security locks on Root nodes were not displayed in the "view locks" dialogs.
Changed diagram context menu, so that "Classifier Properties" is always enabled.
Fixed issue with browsing for stereotypes from Object properties sheet - (Windows 2000 only)
Corrected the status query in TFS version control to use case-insensitive comparison of user names.
Corrected some minor display issues with connector labels having multiple wrapped lines of text