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Version 6.5 - Released (Build 801)
« on: December 18, 2006, 08:08:03 pm »
Release Notes for EA 6.5 Build 801

Added transformations dependencies and a toolbar with options of what relationships to show to hierarchy window.
Added support for cancelling a baseline compare
Added override for C++ import where a matching C class already exists.
Increased allowed varchar length for MySQL tables to 65536.
Prevented processing of objects on ODBC table import when user cancels "Select Tables to Import" list.
Modified ODBC import of SQL Server decimal(19,4) datatypes.
Corrected issue where filenames of objects may not be updated after package generation.
Stopped drawing of a colon when no attribute type is specified.
Added RTF option to exclude <Anonymous> elements from the generated document.
Added ability to remove RTF text styles in document editor.
Updated RTF Templates to have "Heading 1-9" styles defined by default.
Improved RTF Numbered List to have better default values.
RTF Heading with a list number increase correctly with depth.
Modified RTF Editor to scroll to newly enabled section.
Prevented generation of column DEFAULT clause for user defined databases where the column default had no default value.
Improved canceling of ODBC import of a large number of database objects.
Improved selection of log file for Project transfers.
Prevented saving a new Code or DDL datatype when no product name is selected.
Resolved issue where adding/modifiying a column's default value or comment was prevented when the column was involved in a foreign key relationship.
Ensure connector labels dont display when they are marked as hidden.
Ensure On_PreNewElement method called when creating elemente by dragging from the project tree.
Allow DiagramFrame elements to be created using profile stereotypes.
Ensure EA_OnPreNewPackage receives stereotype parameter when creating a package from a profile element.
Ensure EA_OnPreNewAttribute and EA_OnPreNewMethod events are always invoked when creating features using profile elements.
Added ability to create Requirement metaclasses in UML Profile models
Corrected issue where tagged values, containing element references, could occassionaly contain stale data when the referenced element is deleted.
Resolved intermittent error when deleting an element from a PostgreSQL repository.
Added additional firings of PreNewPackage and PostNewPackage events.
Changed the "Batch XMI Export" dialog so as to display the package path along with the package name.
Changed the "Batch XMI Import" dialog so as to display the package path along with the package name and the status of import on each package.
Improved refreshing elements and connectors using Repository.AdviseElementChange or Repository.AdviseConnectorChange.
Corrected minor issue with creating some elements as package members.
Modified profile export to constrain tag value type notes within field limits.
Improved automation interface to allow creation of certain child elements via the automation interface.
Improved import of links defined in patterns.
Added support for exporting Constraints in profiles in their specified order.
Fixed issue where Stereotypes applying the <all> baseclass could occassionally be incorrectly duplicated when used.
Corrected issue where profiles with XML/SQL tokens in the name may be incorrectly imported.
Corrected issue where Synch Tagged Values and Constraints could fail to include inherited tags.
Added support for updating tagged value description data when synching.
Improved profile updates to ensure Tagged Value Types, defined by profiles, are updated correctly.
Corrected issue where OCL validation may fail to execute on Class Instances.
Added option to include metaclassed elements in the relationship matrix whenever the base class is specified as source or target.
Corrected issue where accessing the Project Authors dialog under Linux terminates EA abnormally.
Improved check-in function to save all diagrams that are part of the check-in, prior to export.
Improved import of SQL Server stored procedures.
Added support for getting the contents of Element linked documents via the Automation interface.
Added support for RTF Language & Tag Substitution data to the RefData Exporter.
Fixed issue where EA may lose some connector bend-styles on a "Get All Latest".
Fixed occassional issue where a model may lose the link from a composite element to its diagram when round-tripping using XMI.
Improved handling of enumeration-literals on XMI 2.1 import.
Improved Package Control Options dialog, to accept Local Path substitution strings (%pathString%) in XMI Filename, when applying XMI control.
Added round trip engineering of VB.Net Widening and Narrowing operators.
Added round trip engineering of C# volatile attributes.
Added importing of enumerations to .Net reflection importer.
Resolved issues parsing of VB6 rem statements and expressions.
Resolved issue parsing of C# anonymous methods.
Resolved issue reverse engineering methods with default scope in Java interfaces.
Resolved issues with .Net 2.0 reflection importer.
Resolved issues where language or filename weren't set by MDG addin in linked package.
Resolved issue where unknown javadoc tags immediately following a param tag were imported into the parameter notes.
Corrected issue with generating qualified collection classes.
Corrected issue with missing stack trace in an unhandled exception during debugging
Added functionality to facilitate debugging of Java Classes in Local Web Servers
Corrected issue with some connector and element labels that could cause resizing of contents on move
Resolved issue importing MySQL tables with columns having default values.
Corrected DBMS datatype mapping issues.
Resolved MySQL error when drag/dropping a user interface with an embedded GUI element from one package onto a diagram of another package.
Resolved issue where Java classes failed to load where classpath contained relative paths
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