Author Topic: Version 6.5 - Released (Build 802)  (Read 2715 times)


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Version 6.5 - Released (Build 802)
« on: December 27, 2006, 07:02:21 pm »
Release Notes for EA 6.5 Build 802

Added handling for wrapping or truncating package contents and remaining compartment types.
Improved .Net Disassembly import for handling of .Net 3.0 files.
Improved error message when attempting to import XMI file that doesn't exist.
Corrected occasional issue where some relationships weren't shown in the hierarchy window.
Corrected issues Inserting Sections into table with RTF Template Editor.
Improved handling of shared keystore files during intermittent network problems.
Improved handling of attribute classifiers during XMI import.
Corrected issue importing sequence messages for objects defined in an external package in XMI 2.1.  
Corrected issue where some Collaboration messages could lose their names on XMI 2.1 import.