Author Topic: Version 6.5 - Released (Build 804)  (Read 3434 times)


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Version 6.5 - Released (Build 804)
« on: February 18, 2007, 05:26:33 pm »
Release Notes for EA 6.5 Build 804

Improved ODBC Import:
- Support for importing tables with primary keys containing non-alphabetic characters.
- Numerous fixes for MySQL ODBC import errors, including default values.
Improved XMI import:
- Updated XMI 2.1 import to better handle connector display options and direction for self-associations.
- Better handling of association-class links when using the 'Get Latest' command.
- Support for Virtual Document Attribute classifiers that refer to Packages in external root nodes.
- Support for "Composite Element" diagram references that are defined in external packages.
- Improved compatibility with the Unisys XMI plug-in for Rose to handle association class links and
  operation tagged value of more than 255 characters on SQL Server repositories.
Enhanced Foreign Keys dialog shows unique constraint columns with general improvements to column display.
Added support for changing table column datatype without propagating to any foreign key relationship.
Resolved issue importing and synchronizing MySQL tables was changing indexes to foreign keys.
Added ability to save diagram notes > 4000 chars on Oracle.
Corrected some syntax errors in MySQL DDL generation.
Improved Generate Package DDL file browser to handle ':' characters in Package names.
Resolved incorrect saving of foreign key parameters on MySQL repositories.
Resolved issue where some dates weren't displayed using current regional settings.
Updated VB.Net reverse engineering to handle escaped type names.
Improved resolution of classifiers when reverse engineering namespace qualified types.
Resolved issue importing XSD Schema into eap replicas/design masters.
Updated Boundary elements in sequence diagrams to allow "send to bottom of Z order".
Updated Report View to display child packages.
Resolved issue where default colors being rendered incorrectly for metafile output.
Resolved issue where 'Suppress EA Dialogs' setting was ignored when creating profiled elements.
Resolved issue with automatically generated association roles in code generation templates.