Author Topic: Show only diagrams of child elements in RTF - how?  (Read 947 times)


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Show only diagrams of child elements in RTF - how?
« on: October 29, 2010, 05:10:18 am »
Has anyone succeeded in it -- show just diagrams, without subelement names? One can insert lots of tags between "child elements>" and "<child elements" but {Diagram.DiagramImg} is missing from the options.
The business goal is to provide Use Cases document so that for UCs with Activity Diagrams (generated from Structured Scenarios) the document includes these diagrams, too.
So far the best result I've achieved was "insert diagram into element tag" and "insert nothing into child_elements tag" relying on "default child processing". But in this case all the unneeded information like action names of the child element is also displayed.


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Re: Show only diagrams of child elements in RTF - how?
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2017, 07:15:15 pm »
I appreciate that this is an old topic, but I have the same issue - I want to include the Use Case diagram within my document as a child diagram of the Use Case. Not being able to include the diagram within the child elements section, I have generated a template that includes the Element Name in the heading, text extracted from specific parts of the Use Case element and the image of any diagram.

When it processes the child element it includes the Activity diagram, but also the auto-generated name of that, e.g. "Use Case_ActivityGraph", in my case as a heading one level lower.

In order to exclude documentation of all the elements on the Activity diagram, the best option that I have come up with is to use the option under the Structured Specification to generate an Activity with Action diagram. When I generate the document I use an Exclude Filter to exclude the elements I don't want to report on, e.g. Action, ActivityFinal, ActivityInitial, FlowFinal. (I have to use Activity with Action diagram - if I choose just Activity, then it is not possible to use a filter to separate the type of diagram from the type of element on the diagram).

Has anyone found a better way to include a Child Diagram?

What I would really like to avoid is the child Name appearing in my document output as well, but that appears because I am including the Element.Name, which is obviously wanted.