Author Topic: EA 7.0 - Beta 2 Released For Registered Users  (Read 1871 times)


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EA 7.0 - Beta 2 Released For Registered Users
« on: June 14, 2007, 09:08:03 pm »
Sparx Systems is proud to advise that Enterprise Architect 7.0 BETA 2 is now available for download.      
Registered users can access EA 7.0 BETA 2 from the Registered User section of our website at  
Please note that EA 7.0 BETA is provided for evaluation and informational purposes as BETA software, and should not be used with production models or on production machines.
Please report any bugs by using the Registered Users Beta Bug Report page. Direct any suggestions or comments to

Fixes and changes since EA 7.0 BETA 1 Build 810:
Improved handling of connector labels created from shape scripts.
Improved applying matrix profiles under some repository types.
Improved handling of inserting sections in the RTF Editor.
Improved creating foreign key into composite primary key and into unique constraints.
Improved MDG technology wizard.
Improved RTF generation on ASA model repositories.
Added persistence of MDG technology status.
Rebuilt Java API for Java 1.5.
Corrected undo/redo issue when reordering states in timeline elements.
Sequence diagrams now updated instantly based on 'Garbage Collection' option Added Alternate Image support for Diagram Hyperlinks.
General improvements in round-tripping State, Activity and Sequence Diagrams in XMI 2.1 Improved forward and reverse engineering of Oracle packages.
Added SQL Server 2005 datatypes to datatype mapper.  
Modified validation of unique target columns when creating a foreign key.
Enabled Delete button on UML Types - Stereotypes dialog on Oracle repository.
Improved handling of DDL Name Templates.
Corrected generation of DROP PROCEDURE statement for Adaptive Server Anywhere.
Added support for accessing Audit History from RTF Report templates Added support for auditing change of audit status Increased size of textbox for autonumber column start value.
Added option to specify time period when saving and clearing Audit Log Items Added automation call to save all diagrams.
Added automation calls to save and load linked documents to rtf file.
Added automation handling for setting diagram selection of objects or connector.
Added run state of object to automation interface.
Corrected DB2 ODBC import and DDL script generation.
Added support for dragging objects from custom SQL search results to diagrams and discussion forum.
Added propagation of class name changes to sequence and collaboration messages.
Class name changes now propagated to sequence and collaboration messages.
Further extensions to Undo/Redo capability for Connector Labels, Feature Visibility and other changes Sequence and Collaboration links now show aliases of classifiers if available and diagram is showing aliases.
When generating Sequence diagrams via the Debug Workbench, classes are now created in order of execution.
Disabled printing of status colors when not printing in color.
Increased maximum allowable diagram area to accommodate extremely large (auto-generated) diagrams.
Improved handling of results from broadcast add-in functions.
Improved application of matrix profiles under some repository types.
Improved performance when dragging connector ends from one element to another.
Added pages to Tasks Pane to assist users with Getting Started, Managing Requirements, Debugging and Profiling, Code Engineering