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Version 7.0 - Released (Build 813)
« on: July 08, 2007, 08:48:45 pm »
Sparx Systems is proud to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 7.0 (Build 813). Version 7.0 is now available for download.

Registered users can download EA 7.0 from:
A 30 Evaluation Trial can be downloaded from:      
Support is available to Registered Users at:

Trial users should use

New features of Enterprise Architect 7.0

Redesigned Toolbox
 Supports context sensitive tool pages to limit complexity
 Toolbox pages reflect current diagram type (including Profile extended diagrams)
 Supports dynamic technologies and profiles
 Supports over-riding of default toolbox pages with domain specific tools
 Allows pinning of frequently used pages
 Allows display of tools with or without textual description

 Added unlimited redo capability for diagram-level changes.
 Extensive improvements to Undo capabilities now supports embedded elements, multiple open diagrams, attached notes, connector re-routing operations and z-order
 Significant enhancements to Undo/Redo operations for Sequence and Timing diagrams

User Interface Changes

 Gradient fill for Elements and Diagram background
 Extended use of format toolbar to connectors and improved use of custom formatting on all elements
 Extensively reworked all application icons, toolbox images, menu images, splash screen etc.
 Print Preview now supports multiple page display when zoomed out
 New toolbar to provide quick access to Other Windows such as Auditing and Discussion Forum
 Many major dialogs reworked as standard Windows property page (tabbed) dialogs
 Some settings dialogs amalgamated into single dialogs with multiple property pages
 Reworked major dialogs such as the Stereotype dialog for improved performance and usability
 Introduced context-menu UML help for all element and connector types.

New Element List View
 Provides direct editing of Element properties within list view
 Toolbar provides shortcuts for creating, deleting and reporting on Elements
 Direct access from the Project Browser (Right-click Package or Diagram | Show Element List)
 Supersedes the Report view

New Model Auditing Capability
 Provides detailed recording and monitoring of model changes
 Audit View provides effective management of Audit logs
 Audit Tree elements are traceable to the Project Browser and Diagram references
 Added Automation Interface method for Clearing and Saving logs
 Audit History available for use in RTF Report templates
 Added Security Permissions for Viewing and Changing Audit logs and settings

New State Table Modeling Facility
 State Table view provides matrix-style rendering of UML State Chart Diagrams (right-click open diagram to switch views)
 Quick-buttons provide streamlined addition of State and Event elements
 Transition (Trigger) relationships can be directly added, edited and re-routed from the table cells
 State Table maintains synchronization with State Chart representation  
 Flexible display options include 'Next State' and 'Trigger-State' views and general table configuration (right-click diagram background)

New Mind Mapping Profile
 Added a Mind Mapping profile to default installation
 Added new Mind Mapping diagram type.

Technology Support
 Significant changes to provide deep support for domain specific modeling
 Support for loading of technologies from custom file or URL
 Ability to include toolbox descriptions in technology (Profile) XML
 Ability to over-ride default toolbox pages with domain specific tools
 Technology Management dialog (under Settings menu)

Debug Workbench
 Added Windows Native debugging support for C++, C and VB.
 Added Runtime Intellisense of local data variables.
 Added facility to record system calls external to the Model, when recording sequence diagrams.
 Added filter facility for class names and native methods to exclude related calls from being recorded in sequence diagram.
 Added facility to record and display parameter values passed to calls in generated sequence diagrams.
 Added button to toggle update of source code windows whilst recording, improving capture speed.
 Added button to pause/resume process being debugged.
 Allow double-clicking in recorded sequence history to display source code line in editor.
 New Tab for Sequence Diagram Options available under Build & Run scripts.

Data Modeling
 Major enhancements to support Data Modeling, DDL Generation and ODBC Import for:
  Views and Procedures (Adaptive Server Anywhere, DB2, Informix, Ingres, InterBase/Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  Triggers (Adaptive Server Anywhere, DB2, Oracle, Informix, InterBase/Firebird)
  Sequences (Ingres, Oracle)

  Functions (Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server)
  Oracle Packages, Table and Index properties, Table privileges and Object Synonyms
  PostgreSQL Trigger Functions

 Data Modeling now supports four additional DBMS targets:
    Adaptive Server Enterprise
    SQL Server 2005
 Added option for user to modify database datatype conversion map.
 Added user defined templates for Foreign Key, Primary key, and Unique Constraint names.
 Added prompt when attempting to generate DDL for Tables with no database target set.
 Improved renaming unique table columns to avoid duplicate unique constraints.
 Added check to prevent addition of duplicate DBMS datatypes.
 Improved model synchronization when deleting Foreign Key relationships.
 Resolved issue synchronizing Foreign Keys from Oracle ODBC import where the same name foreign key existed in multiple schemas.
 Updated Oracle DDL generation to include OR REPLACE in CREATE VIEW statements  
 Improved ODBC import of PostgreSQL table comments.
 Support for manual entry of DDL script file name and added check for validity of DDL script file.  
 Improved prompt for log file path during Project Transfer.

Code Engineering
 Added support for round-trip engineering Object-Oriented C (see Tools | Options | Source Code Engineering)
 Improved C Code Reverse Engineering of complex #define expressions to UML attributes
 Added code template macros to access the following properties
   Class imports/headers fields without calculated imports
   Relative filename of include from current file
   Column (attribute) length
   Alias of connector, connector ends and parameter
   Other connector end properties
 Added generation of default return values to C# code generation templates
 Improvements to C++ Reverse Engineering
   Pointers to class members
   Template instantiations
 Improved .Net binary import
   Disabled import of hidden property methods when using disassembly
   Added import of events and structs when using reflection
 Improved generation of Python import statements including automatic creation of minimal package initialization files
 Improved handling of Delphi reference attributes
 Improved parsing of javadoc comments
 Improved reverse engineering of Python import statements
 Added handling of moved associations and updated role access to reverse engineering.
 Added additional macros to access package properties in code/transform templates.

Transformation Changes
 Added flexibility to CONVERT_NAME macro
 Exposed the following properties to be set by transformations
   Classifier for attributes/operations and parameters
   Connector, Connector End and Parameter alias
   Other properties of association ends
   Tagged values on foreign keys
   Operations on tables
 Improved transformation of overridden methods with generic parameters in JUnit and NUnit transformations
 Improved Foreign Key creation in DDL transform including support of many-to-many associations

Quicklinker Changes
 Added quick button capability to timing diagrams.
 Added quicklinks for timing diagrams.
 Added quicklinks for timer events on activity diagrams.
 Added quicklink definitions for artifact instances.
 Added quicklinks between screens and requirements.
 Added quicklinks for n-ary association elements.
 Updated aggregation and composition quicklinks to follow "Draw Reversed" option.
 Added quicklinks for embedded state entry points.

Shapescript Changes
 Added properties for accessing alias, metatype, name and stereotype of classifier and property type.
 Added properties for accessing name and stereotype of source and target of connectors.
 Added handling for resizing shapescripts applied to Ports.
 Added "hasLinkedDocument" property to allow visual indicator for elements with linked documents.

Diagram Changes
 Enhanced identification of label ownership; labels of the selected connector are now highlighted.
 Added swimlane matrix to diagrams with ability to save swimlane matrix profiles.
 Allowed pasting of clipboard images directly into a diagram
 Added ability to reroute connector ends by clicking and dragging to another object on the diagram
 Added Alternate Image support to Hyperlink elements and Diagram Hyperlinks.
 Improved drawing speed of diagrams in many situations
 Corrected display order of runstate attributes for object elements.
 Removed underlining of ObjectNode elements on activity diagrams.
 Disabled diagram layout command for all behavioral diagram types.
 Added display of attribute collection type (ordered, bag, sequence).
 Improved rendering of assembly connectors, when switching line styles.
 Removed underline from name of object nodes on activity diagrams.
 Corrected structured activity keyword to <<structured>>.
 Modified diagram layout command to ignore hidden connectors.
 Modified rendering of scope symbols for package contents.

Timing Diagram Enhancements
 Added the following Quick Buttons to significantly enhance editing of Timelines:
  Add new State
  Change State order
  Add new Transitions (Click above/below timeline edge)
  Change Transition time (Drag transition edge)
  Delete states and transitions (Ctrl + Left Click)
  Align transitions across elements (Left Click beside transition edge)
  Zoom timescale and set timeline range
  Add compressible Time Intervals (Right-click top of Timeline element). Allows copy, paste and delete of multiple transitions
  Compress sections of no activity (Right-click timeline edge)
  Move multiple transitions (Shift + Drag within a time interval)
  Insert and remove time from the timeline
  Set timeline start position
  Quickly draw messages between timelines with smart message placement
  Numeric range generator. (Automatically creates numeric states- see Timeline Properties)

Sequence Diagram Enhancements
 Added Quick Button for reordering Conditions within Interaction Fragments
 Added Support for General Ordering link
 Added Quick Button for creating General Ordering links between Sequence Messages
 Added ability to edit absolute position of Sequence messages (hold alt key while dragging message, to leave other messages in place)
 Improved performance of sequence diagram rendering engine.
 Improved copying of attributes and operations used in sequence diagrams.
 Added Message Lifecycle (new/delete) validation when  moving or adding messages on sequence diagrams.

 Improved support for importing RSA/RSM models that span multiple EMX files.
 Added support for importing multiple-stereotypes from Rose exported XMI 1.1.
 Improved handling of transformation links during XMI 1.1 import.
 Improved "Get Latest" option for Version Controlled packages.
 Updated handling of Maintenance information during Version Controlled XMI operations.
 Corrected import of association-classes from NetBeans exported XMI 1.2

Rule Changes
 Disallowed composite event elements.
 Enabled Feature elements to be owned by other elements in Project Browser.
 Prevented stereotyped attributes and operations from being dropped on elements that cannot own them.
 Allowed exception handlers to be owned by activities.
 Added source and target validation of state transitions.
 Resolved issue with validation of self-associations.

RTF Generator
 Improved RTF Generation with rendering Unicode characters.
 Improved section placement (when enabled).
 Improved support for sections within tables.
 Added FullName and ElementParent Fields to the Attribute and Operation sections.

Automation and Add-In Interface Changes
 Added alias to Connector, Connector End and Parameter interfaces
 Added access to other association end properties

Version Control
 Added ability to Version Control Project Root Nodes
 Modified "Get Package" for SCC version control to search in sub-folders for package files.

Discussion Forum
 Made Discussion Forum editable in read-only (Lite) version. Enables user feedback to be input by Lite users.
 Added support for dragging objects from custom SQL search results to diagrams and discussion forum.

Linux Build
 Improved UI and general performance of EA running under CrossoverOffice
 Recommended version of CrossoverOffice is 6.1

Other Changes
 Added general ordering for messages on sequence diagrams.
 Added "Set Operation" command for CallOperationAction elements.
 Added warning message where conflicts exists after eap replica synchronization.  
 Added update for all open diagrams when element name changes
 Added update for class constructor and destructor names when class name changes
 Added custom references to hierarchy window
 Added support for round-tripping multiplicity on XSD model-groups.
 Added capability to show package control status of MDG packages in project browser
 Added predefined tagged value type for a list of element references
 Added level numbering option to the project browser (right-click Package | Show Level Numbering).
 Added ability to Copy/Paste Meta File from clipboard to current Diagram or selected element as alternate image. (See Edit | Paste Elements | Paste from Clipboard)
 Copy Operation (Ctrl+C) now copies current Diagram or selected element to System Clipboard as image.
 Search results can now be directed to the Output Bar. (Allows drag/drop of elements from result list)
 Enabled "Synch Tagged Values and Constraints" command for Feature elements.
 Modified sequence diagram creation from debug session to link messages to operations in the model
 Added ability to apply User/Group Locks to Project Root Nodes.
 Improved handling of large tag notes when saving to Oracle repositories.
 Improved handling of apostrophe character when creating properties
 Resolved issue where attributes and operations dialog could show deleted items
 Resolved issue when doing rtf report that shows parents of a class not on a diagram
 Resolved issue where attribute positions could change when saving
 Improved import of sequence models from XML into DBMS repositories
 Improved datatypes select list default value
 Improved wrapping of association role labels with long name
 Improved behavior of option to hide visibility indicators on diagram.
 Improved behavior of attribute and operation dialogs for interface elements.
 Improved loading of transform selections from mts file for MDG technology wizard.
 Improved parsing of NUnit test results.
 Improved drawing of interface stereotypes.
 Improved performance of sequence diagram rendering engine.
 Moved Editor option to respective language pages (see Tools | Options | Source Code Engineering)
 Extended Set Attached Links command to notes not already attached to a link.
 Extended Synch Tagged Values and Constraints command to synchronize secondary stereotypes.
 Resolved tagged value synchronization issue for link stereotypes.
 Removed "Tree style" from default routing styles (see Tools | Options | Links).
 Updated XSD Generator generation of 'import' and 'include' statements.
 Deprecated use of perspectives.
 Added Status Colors to reference data.
 Introduced RefGUIDList tagged value type, to allow multiple references in a single tagged value
 Enabled Attributes to be used as target of RefGUID tagged values.

Fixes and changes since EA 7.0 BETA 3 Build 812:
Corrected display of multiple stereotypes for packages
Corrected syntax of SQL Server generated table and column comments.
Corrected issue where Enumerations would fail to be created correctly.
Improved copying of attributes and operations used in sequence diagrams.
Modified "Package Control Options" dialog, to clear and disable "Other Options" when Version Control is selected.
Added support to import dataTypes and association-end multiplicities from XMI 1.1 exported by MIMB.
Modified Auditing to record both Windows and Security Username
Corrected issue where XML documents may fail to load or save when the encoding property was incorrectly defined
Improved Add-in handling of EA broadcast messages.
Dropping multiple elements onto a diagram only records one undo action.
Added Message Lifecycle (new/delete) validation when  moving or adding messages on sequence diagrams.
Improved undo move for parts and ports.
Moving messages on sequence diagrams while holding down the alt key will not change the position of other messages.
Improved creation of embedded ports and parts.
Added constraint to z-order changes to force embedded elements to always be above parent.