Author Topic: Version 3.10 - Build 482 released  (Read 1684 times)


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Version 3.10 - Build 482 released
« on: April 16, 2002, 05:10:06 am »
Changes and fixes for Build 482

- Improved support for JavaDoc style commenting within Java. Support Class, Attribute and Method JavaDocs.
- Improved support for forward and reverse engineering C# comments
- Added filter to RTF document generator - allow selection of elements based on Status
- Added additional language support in RTF document  generator. Language setup dialog now has place for setting codepage, character set and language ID.
- Reworded the Implementation and Dependency dialogs. Also added support for setting custom impementation targets
- Changed XMI exporter for Rose/Unisys format. When DTD selected, output is forced to comply with UML13.DTD
- Change/Maintenance dialog - preloaded lists with union of clients,authors and resources
- Added setting to View/Options Diagram page to disable Shift-Mouse scrolling. Enabled is the default state
- Default type of message to self in Sequence diagram change to 'not return'
- Realization arrow changed to solid (unfilled) type
- Issues docked window refreshed when project issues screen is updated
- Default Sequence diagram Activation/Focus rectangle width increased to 10 from 6. Can be set back in View/Options on the sequence diagram page.