Author Topic: Version 3.10 - Build 487 released  (Read 1972 times)


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Version 3.10 - Build 487 released
« on: May 07, 2002, 03:41:31 am »
Changes and fixes for Build 487
- Added HTML reporting. See menu option on packages in Project Browser. Current implementation is released as Beta ... additional functionality will be added to allow configurable templates and stylesheets.
- Added option (View/Option Sequence diagram page) to turn off auto 'garbage collect' on sequence diagrams for created object instances
- Added OLE Automation function to run an RTF report ... void RunReport(PackageGUID,TemplateName, FileName)
           eg.  Call EAProject.RunReport("{DA3C7745-FB85-437e-A25B-44192CEE4D08}", "ArchitectureModel", "c:\temp\foo.rtf")
- Fixed problem with sequence message when it is both a "New" call and the first message in a diagram having no activation rectangle
- Added context menu option to sequence message - allows message to initiate a new activation sequence, ending all exisiting activations
- Ability to lock an object in a diagram against further changes (to properties, attributes, operations etc.)
- Fixed 'const' not being written to CPP imlpementation file for const method
- Added Link Direction to elements saved in Matrix Profile
- Corrected a small memory leak caused by unreleased menu handles
- Fixed bug that corrupted the end of notes in notes linked to operations, constraints etc. that were longer than 240 characters.            
- Added a simple AutoCount function for auto naming new elements. See menu option under Reference/Configure Auto Counter. Supports Prefix-Counter-Suffix notation.
- Fixed bug which affected 'Branching' in sequence diagrams when message first added ... menu option to branch was missing and/or branch was with wrong previous message
- Fixed bug in C++ import which affected attributes like: "int foo[LENGTH];"  
- Added support for C++ Macros that have a start and end definition, eg. BEGIN_COLUM_MAP ... END_COLUMN_MAP. Define in language macro dialog as "BEGIN ^ END" where begin = start macro and end = end macro. " ^ " <space>^<space> is treated as separator.
- Removed generation of MustInherit keyword from Interface code in VB.Net
- Fixed bug in C++ parser importing comma separated atttributes - eg.   int a,b,c;  - now creates 3 attributes of type int.
- Added generation support for "struct" stereotype in C++
- Added C++ support for scoped names of indeterminate length (eg; foo::bar::classtype Identifier)
- Added support for constructs such as "const int * const i;" in C++ parser
- Fixed bug which occassionally prevented Workspace window from being shown after being hidden
- Fixed issue with possible loss of data when making changes to object properties in dockable properties window, then by double click on element in browser
- Fixed issue with EMF image type in Windows XP having corrupt images of packages, classes etc. in package contents
- Fixed issue with .GIF image type having a slightly distorted package content images
- Aggregation links now display solid diamond when Role aggregation set to 'composite'
- "$" qualifier on attributes and operations removed as it has been superceded by the underline notation indicating a Static member