Author Topic: Version 3.10 - Build 490 released  (Read 1612 times)


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Version 3.10 - Build 490 released
« on: May 22, 2002, 04:47:27 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 490
- Added 'Resource' tree to docked project browser - includes sections for UML Profiles, Documents, Matrix Profiles and Stylesheets
- Added comprehensive and generic support for UML Profiles
     . Profiles are imported and managed in the new Resources tree view
     . Profiles may be imported from XML files describing the Profile content
     . Profiles include Stereotypes and tagged values for elements, attributes, methods, links, link ends and more
     . Profiles may include a metafile attached to the stereotype
     . Profile items may be dragged from the profile tree onto diagrams
     . Drag attribute and operation stereotypes over classes in diagram to add to element
     . Click on profile links and add connections as usual
     . Drag association end stereotypes over end of link to attach details
- Added section in Resource tree for defined Matrix Profiles. Doble click on a profile to load matrix and display       
- Added function to post process XMI export XML with Stylesheet. Stylesheets are loaded in new 'Resource' tree
- Added generation support for <<enumeration>> type in C++, VB.Net, VB
- Added reverse engineering support for <<enumeration>> in C++, C# and VB.Net
- Added Attribute Tags to both the RTF documentation and HTML documentation
- Added Method Tags to both the RTF documentation and HTML documentation
- Limited display of Tagged values to those having a set 'Value' as future use of UML Profiles may define Tagged Values with no set 'Value'
- Added highlight for Abstract classes and operations - set on View/Options dialog - Objects page "HIghlight {abstract} elements" . Adds "{abstract}" keyword to class drawing
- Added Read and Write check boxes to Create Property dialog (from Attributes dialog). Unchecking either will remove one of the paired accessor methods (get/set)
- Added Abstract check box to the Create Property dialog. Check this to mark generated get/set methods or property as Abstract.
- Revised Realization link such that if target object is an Interface drawn using Circle notation (lollipop) then the link renders as a solid line with no arrow (as per UML 1.4 spec)
- Fixed bug that caused Visual Basic code generator to end Property blocks with 'End Function' instead of 'End Property'
- Fixed bug in Aligning elements that could cause selected elements to align against an unselected element when called from the toolbar 'Align' buttons
- Force close of Attribute and/or Operation dialog if package selected in Project Browser. Could cause exception under certain cirumstances.
- Added 'Files' tab to requirement properties dialog