Author Topic: EA Lite and automation interface  (Read 815 times)

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EA Lite and automation interface
« on: April 02, 2009, 10:23:07 pm »
Having finally found the link to EA Lite which is promoted as a "read-only" version of EA I found out that it indeed is not completely read-only. In fact the automation interface seems to be completely functional and lets me modify elements at will.
Though I am not sure whether this is in the nature of the original idea of EA Lite I consider this a feature as it lets us deploy a deamon process which not only does HTML exports on a regular basis but also manipulates elements frequently (like creating baselines, etc.)
This daemon runs on a computer which is not operated by architects and on the very positive side does not require to spend a license for a not existing resource (due to the free character of EA Lite).

My interest is that this is a supported scenario and that therefore this situation will not change. I can imagine a scenario in which this functionality slipped through the fingers of Sparx and which will lead into disabling write access for the automation interface in the mid or long run.
A feedback from Sparx regarding this would be appreciated.

EA Lite is a great addon for us and highly useful in several aspects as it allows a better integrated communication with our stakeholders.