Author Topic: Version 3.10 - Build 493 released  (Read 1624 times)


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Version 3.10 - Build 493 released
« on: June 05, 2002, 04:21:17 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 493

- Added support for moveable connector labels. Labels may now be freely placed and sized by the user.
- Added support for connector label style of Bold - see right click context menu of label
- Added support for aligning connector labels within their placement rectangle - left or centre or right (see right click context menu of label)
- Added ability to hide inidividual labels on a connector - see right click context menu of label
- Added dialog to manage hidden labels on a connection - see the context menu for a Connector (Set Label Visibility)
- Split the View/Options Diagram Page into 2 pages - Main and Behaviour
- Fixed bug in Java parser/code generator ... handling of "final" parameters
- Fixed bug in drawing of Entity objects with Attributes ... could cause distortion of element size in diagrams
- Fixed bug that caused exception if item double clicked in property/hierarchy pane, then Attribute or Operation dialog invoked
- Fixed problem where two packages with the same name and same parent would show each other's contents when pasted into diagrams
- Added ESC key processing to currentdiagram to cancel any pending links from toolset or elements dragged from toolset
- When item clicked in small Element Toolbar, any pending action and selection in main toolbox is cancelled
- Added "Insert Element" option in Diagram context menu to insert Note, Text, Hyperlink, Boundary or Diagram Details
- When folder changed in toolbox, any pending action or selected item is cancelled
- Added option to View/Options/Sequence diagram page. Allow specification of Font and Font Size for Sequence Diagram Heading bar.
- Fixed bug that prevented overriden HTML Content template from being used instead of default one
- Fixed bug where objects pasted into diagram that had x,y coordinates larger than size of diagram were inaccessible. Scroll bar sizes now reset on paste.
- Added code in Java generator to accept "[]" as a container type when generating variables from associations
- Added support in Java for "native" keyword. When reversed a tagged value of "native=true" is added to imported class