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VS Integration
« on: December 10, 2010, 10:59:19 pm »
I am currently running 4.01 (or 4.04 as the exe identifies itself) of the MDG Integration plug-in for Visual Studio which appears to be the latest full release.

I notice that 4.5 beta 2 is available, but cannot seem to find any release info. Other than supporting VS2010 does it fix any of the issues we are experiencing in 4.01?

In case these haven't been raised the 2 most fundamental when trying to keep a model sync'd with an active code base are:
  • The locking up of Visual Studio after access EA via the "Open in Enterprise Architect" option when tabbing to an alternative app prior to closing EA (I think this is the cause).
  • The fact EA cannot handle class file name changes made in VS.