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Enterprise Architect 3.10 Newsletter - June 2002
« on: June 28, 2002, 04:47:46 am »
Hello everyone,

I am very proud to say that Enterprise Architect continues to be a great success, with many thousands of registered users worldwide, an active and enthusiastic user base and a commitment from Sparx Systems to continual innovation and refinement of the EA toolset. We are extremely gratified at the positive response we receive from users all over the world, commenting on the ease of use, small footprint, comprehensive feature set and low price of Enterprise Architect. We are also very pleased to receive a wealth of suggestions and ideas that have helped make EA what it is today.

The last few months have seen the addition of many new features - such as HTML reporting, UML Profile support and many refinements to the existing feature set. There are also a lot of enhancements under way, including IDL, Version control, in-built source code editor, Profile editor and much more - the coming months should see some important new features being introduced into EA.

Just a reminder, that although the version number of EA has remained static for a little while now - the EA toolset has gone forward in leaps and bounds. With a new release on average every 10 to 14 days, the last few months have seen some major changes go in. The latest build number is 496 (see development history below) - so if you havent updated your copy of EA for a while, now might be the time to consider it.

Once again I would personally like to thank all the users who have submitted suggestions, feature requests, bug reports and otherwise helped in the continued development of EA.

For information on UML Profiles in EA, see:

For the latest news, comments and feedback on EA, check out the Enterprise Architect Froum at:

Best wishes and happy modeling,
Geoffrey Sparks
Director, Sparx Systems
June 21th, 2002

Recent strategic alliances
For more information see our Partners page at:

"FireStar Software's ObjectSparkTM is the industry's first infrastructure software that structures and automates the development and deployment of data services, a critical layer in three-tiered applications. ObjectSpark's patented technology includes out-of-the-box data services with easy to use visual tools that enable customization and deployment. ObjectSpark delivers scalable, high performance data service objects and web services; these components can be generated for Microsoft and Java development environments. ObjectSpark provides native support for major databases and general support for ADO/JDBC accessible data sources."

Desarrollo y Servicios is a company located in Madrid (Spain) commited with Modelling Tools and Methods long time ago. Is one of the most active organizations about consultancy, assestment, training and modelling tools.  Thousands of professionals and dozens of companies have been received their services and along these years has been representing in Spain the most popular modelling tools: EasyCASE, Visible Analyst, GDPro, MagicDraw and now DEISER have just incorporated Enterprise Architect as one of their flagship elements of their strategy DEISER Enterprise Process, a solution oriented to give Companies the best solution to deploy one Method and one supporting tool.

Xpdian is a South African leader in Information Systems management consulting services, as well as having a focus on several niche business services.

World-eIT, Inc. is a privately owned company specializing in service-based applications providing dynamic, functional, and best-practice data warehousing and transactional processing for startup to mid-cap companies. Flex-IT™ is the flexible IT environment for e-Business, B-to-B, and B-to C solutions providing integration across platform, development environments, database schemas, and look-and-feel interfaces.

Major new features in recent builds of EA (from build 465 to build 496)
* Support for UML Profiles
* Addition of a Resources tab to Project Browser - for storing Profiles, documents, HTML and RTF styles and more
* Moveable and customisable connector labels
* Customisable fonts, font size & etc. for Text, Note and Boundary elements
* Support for customisable HTML and RTF templates
* Web reporting module for producing quality HMTL documentation from EA models
* Many changes and tweaks to EA to better support the UML 1.4 standard. See the detailed notes below for more information
* Major enhancements to sequence diagrams - branching, recursion, garbage collection, configurable message height and much more
* Ability to run EA RTF reports from OLE Automation - allowing for automatic batch reporting
* Auto numbering feature to enable quick naming of objects and packages
* Export support for XMI 1.0 when exporting model to XML format.
* Improved support for JavaDoc style commenting within Java.
* Added additional language support in RTF document  generator. Language setup dialog now has place for setting codepage, character set and language ID.
* Connectors of any type may now have an attached note or constraint - the notelink will attach at the link centrepoint
* Added support for branching/tree style generalization links
* Many changes to the Delphi code generator. Added support for Delphi properties. Added Delphi 'Property editor'.
* Delphi parser now handles multiple classes in same file
* Connector lines now support user defined 'waypoints' ie. they are user routable
* Support element composition for Classes, Objects, Requirements, States.
* XMI export dialog now includes option to export diagram images at same time as XMI generated
* Automation Interface has added a new method to export a package to XMI - including diagram images
* Relationship Matrix now has ability to save current setup as a profile for easy reloading
* Use cases now support Extension Points ... access these from the Use Case context menu.
* Added optional compartments for Responsibilities, Constraints & Tags on some elements. Activate using the "Set Feature Visibility" dialog

Full details of all enhancments and bug fixes are listed below.

Under Development
Some items being currently worked on:

     . Version control,
     . XMI 1.0 import,
     . IDL support,
     . Code editor,
     . UML Profile editor
     . Support for DBMS based repositories
     . Support for import of .NET XML descriptor files

Accessing the registered user section on the Sparx Systems website
For registered users, we have created a new section of the website. From here you can download the latest build of EA, patch updates, previous project versions, view lists of changes and more. We are currently releasing patches and updates to EA on a regular basis (every 10 days to 2 weeks), so keep an eye out for new releases. Access to these pages is gained using the username and password you were supplied with when you purchased your license. If you have misplaced your details, please contact us using the same email, name and address as when you purchased EA.

Note that access to the registered user area free for 1 year after the date of purchase of EA. To renew your accdess subscription, the price is 1/3 the current retail price of your EA edition per license.

You will find the Enterprise Architect's Registered User section at: