Author Topic: Version 3.10 - Build 497 released  (Read 1695 times)


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Version 3.10 - Build 497 released
« on: July 01, 2002, 06:27:59 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 497

- Addition of Swimlanes to diagrams as a configurable attribute of the diagram
     * configure from right click diagram context menu - use 'Swimlanes...' option
     * Add/modify/delete swimlanes. Associate each lane with a base classifier
     * Resize lane widths using mouse - drag and drop
     * When used in Activity diagram, correspond to UML Partition
     * When not used in Activity diagram, treated as diagram 'decoration'
- Added check in importing UML Profiles to prevent import of file with Profile ID > 12 characters in length
- Fixed bug that allowed Component attributes to overlap component name in some instances
- Added code to Class element to draw 'information' stereotype as rhomboid  - as in the Eriksson-Penkar extensions
- Added code to check size of EMF image when first loading from 'Choose Associated Image' and display at default size.
- Modifications to the Hierarchy tab in Property window to better show an elements relationships to other elements - by type, composition and dependency
- Prevented blank comments from Parameters reversed from code overwriting comments against parameters in EA
- Fixed bug in Issues dialog - running report could cause EA to crash
- Modified behaviour of 'Move Diagram' function in Project Browser - owned pseudostates, boundaries and decisions are now moved with diagram to target package
- Fixed bug in project browser that could cause problems with 'owned elements' (eg. states under a class) not 'holding' their position between reloads of the project
- Number of changes to C# code generator and parser: support 'internal' and 'sealed' keywords better. Support attributes on parameters. Support 'params' keyword.
- Some changes to code parsers to synchronise 'Abstract' 'Scope' and 'IsLeaf' attributes back into model from code
- Modified element geometry in status bar to show correct size when element first clicked on
- Added setting in element Feature Visibility dialog to hide runstate for an object
- Added setting in element Feature Visibility dialog to hide attributes and operations based on stereotype
- Added Decision, Start and End nodes to the Project Workspace tree.
- Added ability to select a subset of all elements on diagram and save image for them only to clipboard (see right click menu for multi-selection)
- Bug fix to import of C++ methods declared as "foo() const = 0;" pure indicator was being missed
- Bug fix to Delphi code import ... in some cases method qualifiers spread over multiple lines caused a problem
- Added ability to link note element type to the containing diagram's note - use note element context menu to set