Author Topic: Version 3.10 - Build 498 released  (Read 1692 times)


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Version 3.10 - Build 498 released
« on: July 10, 2002, 06:02:00 am »
Changes and fixes for build 498

- Added option to show 'hidden parents' in diagrams - for Class and Interface types. If an element has a parent or realisation that is not shown explicitly on the diagram via a link, the name of the target element is written in the top right of the class or interface
- Added support for 'Tags' in Requirement, Change and Issue elements ... including support of tag compartment on diagram
- Added support for the synchronisation of DDL information when doing ODBC import
- Added support for the generation of Indexes, triggers, stored procedures in DDL
- Added support for importing index information from ODBC source
- Added support for auto number columns in DDL generation
- Added support for 'COMMENT ON' for Oracle and DB2 DDL generation
- Added support for multiple levels of comments in DDL generation
- Added support for MySQL database
- Added function such that depressing the control key while clicking on a connector will bypass the hit test on labels - allowing you to select a line behind a label
- Fixed bug that could leave information about connector position in a diagram for deleted connectors in model
- Disabled all controls on search dialog when 'Orphans' check box is ticked
- Improved handling of Macros in C++ files
- Fixed bug in Operations dialog that could cause exception in rare circumstances
- Fixed bug in Docked Maintenance toolbar - Defect dialog caused error if Defect name contained an apostrophe
- Modified the way the Hierarchy tab of the docked properties window is populated - changed 'RealizedBy' nodes
- Modified operations dialog such that for C++ Interfaces operations MUST be Abstract and Pure
- Modified C++ code gen such that Interface methods are generated abstract and pure always
- Modified C++ code gen such that .cpp file is not created for interfaces
- Modified way C++ code parser and generator handled <friend> methods
- Fixed bug that caused error when new note attached to link is created but not given any text (content)
- Fixed bug in Deep Copy of a diagram such that Notes attached to links did not get attached to the copied link
- Ctrl+Del shortcut now deletes Attributes and Operations from the Project Browser in addition to the other elements
- Removed Project/Maintenenace and Project/Tests dialogs from right click menu on diagram object. These are now accessed thru the dockable test and maintenance toolbars
- Added "Import Scenario" option to Scenario Tests tab of docked Tests toolbar ... allows import of scenarios from object into test scenarios area
- Added support for stereotype metafile appearance to Sequence objects in Sequence diagrams
- Modifications to C++ parser to handle Macro definitions better
- Initial and limited support for import of XMI 1.0/UML 1.3 XMI ... still under development