Author Topic: Tagged Values not saving for Business Process Container element.  (Read 435 times)


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Steps to recreate:
a.   Create a package to act as my “default element settings”  - add BPMN diagram to package.
b.   Drag a Business Process container onto diagram.  Go to Properties – tagged values.  Add tagged values to the process element:
i.   NT_LastReviewDate
ii.   NT_Reviewer
iii.   NT_BusinessUnit
c.   Save changes to diagram
d.   Go to Configure Tab – Reference Data section and select Settings – Click on Project Template Package option.  Select my package created in step a above.
e.   Create another package in browser – and add a diagram. 
f.   Drag Business Process onto new diagram just created in step e. 
i.   Expected results = business process element – go to properties and see tagged values in step b above.
ii.   Actual result = no tagged values displayed – have to manually re-add to every new process element.  Ugh.

This is useful, as we want to have all process containers tagged with things to search and find all related business processes later - such as what value chain the process belongs to, etc.

I asked a peer to also attempt this and got this reply:
1)   I have already raised a similar bug on BPMN template elements, logged by Sparx under  reference 16115046.   This is to do with some but not all attributes, e.g. height/width, of the template item being carried forward to newly created elements.   You may want to refer to the bug I’ve raised as I believe the root cause is the same, explained by 2) below.
2)   BPMN was originally an add-in.  Element creation takes a different path to the built-in UML elements, basically there is clearly a script of some sort being run to add functionality.  In the case of a BPMN Process element, it automatically becomes composite when you create it with an associated drilldown diagram also created. 
3)   I tested a BPMN Activity element as a template element.   When used, EA honours appearance/font, with the exception of height/width,  AND carries forward any tagged values from the template element.    With the BPMN process element, nothing appears to be carried forward at all, but it takes a different path due to the composite diagram creation.
4)   I tested another technology – Archimate 3, and the ‘capability’ element as a template element.   In this case ALL attributes – colour, font, height, width, tagged values are carried over when a new capability element is created.   Definite confirmation of a bug or bugs in BPMN element creation in my view.