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Representation of links
« on: November 03, 2017, 04:26:46 am »
I'm very new to EA, and still working out how to drive the thing.

It's standard practice in our organisation to set up an initial "Navigation" page at the top of a model, and use this as a kind of hyperlinked Table of Content (TOC) to find your way around the model. However i'm having trouble working out how to present this consistently.

First two problems-
  • If you drag+drop a diagram onto a nav page (a Package diagram) and choose the hyperlink option, you get a small icon and a line of link text. However, if you drop a Document artifact onto the diagram in the same way and choose link, you get a solid block symbol. These two presentation don't sit easily together as a "Table of contents".
    I tried bypassing this by manually creating a hyperlink that points at the linked document, but you only have the option to hyperlink to an element in EA, not "the linked document attached to an element". The result just selects the item in the project browser rather than actually opening the document.
  • Dragging a package onto a diagram creates a diagram frame with a neat list of the package contents, BUT it only shows direct children of the package, and only certain child types (I haven't worked out what the rules are yet for what is listed and what isn't). I would have hoped to be able to choose a "recursive" option to list the hierarchy within the package, and pick which child item types to display, but it looks like achieving that would require delving into some complex (and undocumented?) SQL.
Are these just newbie gaps in understanding, or does EA not make this stuff easy?

Helmut Ortmann

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Re: Representation of links
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2017, 11:18:02 pm »

have a look in the EA Example model. They intensively use navigation diagrams and I also like to use them.

You find it in Help, Open Example Model.

There is a wide range of possibilities and you usually need some time to get customized. Just to name a few:
- Hyperlink (Simple Link, not reusable)
- Diagram Reference (Link but reusable)
- Diagram Frame (the target diagram in a frame)
- Package with content or without

There are also other powerful feature to visualize your model information like:
- Matrix (Relationship Matrix)
- Table (Model View)
- Charts / Dashboard

You can see them in the EA Example model, SPARX Resource page with descriptions and webinars.

Kind regards,

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