Author Topic: Version 3.10 - Build 503 released  (Read 2096 times)


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Version 3.10 - Build 503 released
« on: August 16, 2002, 07:49:30 am »
Changes and fixes for build 503

- Added support for ByVal and ByRef keywords in VB - both forward and reverse
- Added support for array paramters in Visual Basic
- Fixed bug in release version of EA that prevented menu option to 'Add to Favorites' on diagram object being shown
- Fixed problem in Operations dialog that resulted in default return type always being set to first element in list on Add New
- Fixed problem in Constraint dialog ... possible exception or no effect when updating existing constraint.
- Fixed bug in 'drop object from tree' routine that could cause crash if drop failed due to 'duplicate element' message
- Added code to check if bitmap images being saved to disk exceed Windows maximum and scale down where necessary. Affects very large diagrams only