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Patterns for virtual documents
« on: January 21, 2004, 02:36:48 pm »
I am trying to create a set of standardised documentation items for use across many models.
I have created a set of virtual document items that work really well for the various standard models we are using (Requirements Model, Analysis Model, Design Model, Implementation Model) and now I want to make them available for ease of use by the various teams.

Each model contains (amongst other things) a Documentation package, set to be excluded from RTF reports, for containing the virtual doco classes.  I tried to save each doco as a pattern, which the team could import as needed for their component.  This seemed to work fine - they can add the doco pattern and give it a name to suit them. However, when we try to generate the rtf report all we get is the report template notes - none of the report elements (i.e. the virtual doc class attributes) are generated.

Looking at the EA database I see that the attribute classifier for the original virtual doco is set to the object ID of the included package but the attributes of the virtual doco created from the pattern do not have a classifer.  This makes sense, the created element attributes need to be pointed to the proper elements in the current repository.

Now to the question(s).

Is it possible to make the class attributes "prompt for classifier"?
If so, when I create the pattern, how do I tell the system that they are t be prompted for?

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