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Enterprise Architect 3.50 BETA 1
« on: October 04, 2002, 06:16:21 am »

For the registered Enterprise Architect User

Sparx Systems are proud to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 3.50 BETA 1

Version 3.5 introduces a new "Corporate Edition" which includes User Security and support for model repositories other than MS JET (see below for more details).

Sparx Systems have posted the is first release of EA 3.50 in Beta form, the details of which can be found at

Download and install as per the instructions below. If you have any trouble please let us know.


Enterprise Architect Beta Installation instructions:

To reduce download size we have decided not to include the PDF version user guide in with the installation file (it is available as a separate download).  The following instructions indicate how to set up the beta copy of EA 3.50 for use:

1. Download the installation file from the above URL
2. Run the installation file, when asked about location to install EA Beta 3.50, we suggest you install it into another direction other than your 3.10 installation which by default is 'C:\Program Files\Sparx Systems\EA'
3. The installation will create a new shortcut on the desktop for EA Beta 3.50, double click on this to start the application


IMPORTANT: This version of EA will make substantial changes to your model file. Once a model file is upgraded to version 3.5 format it cannot be read by a version 3.10 or earlier version of EA.

We expect no further changes to be made to the repository structure - but as this is the first BETA release, it is still possible. If a change occurs, you may need discard your BETA model file and rerun the upgrade process on a 3.10 format model. What this means is that the release 3.5 model format may differ from the BETA format - so you should not yet convert to using EA 3.5 on a production model.

Also note that you can install EA 3.5 BETA on the same machine as 3.10. By default, the install will try and place 3.5 in the same EA directory as 3.10, so you should manually choose another directory if you want both to co-exist.

In this release your 3.10 Professional key will activate the 'Corporate Edition' features (connect to SQL Server or MySQL). In the final release a Corporate Edition key will be required. The upgrade price is not yet fixed - but will be a minimal amount ... 20-30$ per license.

Please report any issues or bugs to

Many thanks for your support,

Geoffrey Sparks


Below is the list of the additional features included in Version 3.50:

- Support for SQL Server and MySQL model repositories (Corporate Edition)
- User security (Corporate Edition) {this feature is still under developement, and will be addressed over the next few weeks}

- .NET/XP style user interface (optional)
- Ability to customize main menu shortcuts
- Additional toolbars and shortcuts
- UML Pattern support
- Data Transfer functions to move data between different model formats
- Data integrity checker
- Ability to batch export controlled packages
- Additional maintenance and task related fields
- Many changes to the underlying repository structure to support future enhancements

- The Help file and User Manual have been brought up to date and many portions rewritten or extended

- Numerous bug fixes and small enhancements

Note: The ActiveX interface is yet to be updated to include new data fields etc.  This will be addressed over the next few of weeks.