Author Topic: EA Beta build 564 released  (Read 1514 times)


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EA Beta build 564 released
« on: October 20, 2002, 05:13:00 am »
For the registered Enterprise Architect User

This is a short message to inform all interested registered users that a new beta build (564) has been uploaded and is available for download.  see beta page for details

Build 564

- Added simple password 'mangling' to security
- Modified MySQL to fix error when notes and names contained [ or ] character
- Modified SQL to handle 'and " characters in various element names and properties
- Added Attribute Constraint details to HTML report
- Added ability to show operation Behaviour in a diagram (indented under Method name) - see Operation/Behaviour dialog

Build 563 (Unrelease so functionality included into 564)
- Fixed bug that prevented realisation links being created on initial import of source directories
- Fixed drawing problem with Actor instance name field being clipped in exported images
- Node and Components dropped as instances from tree onto diagram now draw as Node or Component instead of object
- Problem with last message on sequence diagram behaving erratically when moved fixed
- Problem with comments in enumerations in VB.Net corrected
Import statements and Namespace declarations now imported into VB.Net and retained on generation
- Modified text element such that left, centre and right aligning is possible (from context menu)
- Modified Note element sych that double spaced lines are now possible.