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"Select" project elements verifying a co
« on: August 06, 2004, 02:40:55 am »

Is there a way to extract from the whole project tree structure elements verifying a specific condition based on (but not limited to) their attributes values, such as, for instance, "Status" field = "Validated". Idealy I would view these elements in th esame tree structure but with a different color.

More generaly is there a way to run (SQL ?) queries on the DB tables of the project (since the whole thing is a bunch of Access DB tables).

I assume this should be possible using Automation but I was wondering if there would be an already built in tool/function to do that.

I have a really big project and I need to be able to extract / view the elements or diagrams that have been "validated" or not by others.




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Re: "Select" project elements verifying
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(quite shure I already posted something here ???)
you can issue a query. The table in question is t_object where you should find everything you need.
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