Author Topic: Use Case Extension Points vs. Generalization  (Read 5017 times)


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Re: Use Case Extension Points vs. Generalization
« Reply #30 on: July 09, 2007, 05:42:19 am »
;D Or make us chuckle (clever asides that is)

You seem to be using use case's to describe a configuration (forms, mvc. and intend to use C++)....

Boundary, Control and Entity are objects... your just not naming or classifying them yet.

 :P Kevin

From what I have read, and practiced,during/after the modeling of the system using Use Cases and the Business Domain Model classes, the use of a Robustness Diagram (where you identify the Boundary, Control and Entity objects to check/verify if your model is sufficiently developed) helps bridge the gap between your analysis model and the preliminary design models. It is my understanding that these 'objects' are not the realizations of the use cases and BDM classes, but a way to validate that the analysis model is complete?

I good book that describes this process fairly well is "Agile Development with ICONIX process" by Doug Rosenberg, Matt Stephens, and Mark Collins-Cope. Apress is the publishers.

Good conversation on this thread...
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