Author Topic: Problem with auto-generation of sequence diagrams.  (Read 432 times)


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Problem with auto-generation of sequence diagrams.
« on: August 26, 2008, 10:37:27 pm »
There is some problem with automatic generation of sequence diagrams in EA.
I've a system consisting of commom service (C#) that works with DB and web-service ( that works with common service.
I import my system to EA with help of reverse engineering after that I build, debug and trace it.

But! I can't start tracing of service and web-service together - or I start a web-service from Visual Studio or IIS and attach to it in EA (package build script -> Debug: attach); or I start debug a service from EA (package build script -> Debug: Application (enter path) = D:\Example.exe).

For me it's most interesting the diagram of interaction of common service and web-server. But if I trace web-service, EA fixes all his methods and static methods of assemblies, and it doesn't fix calls of class instance methods that works on a common service. When I trace service, EA fixes class instance methods - that's ok.

So. Can I start trace of web-service and common service together? Or how I can fix all methods in time of web-service tracing?
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