Author Topic: Order of views in DDL generation  (Read 1275 times)


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Order of views in DDL generation
« on: March 04, 2008, 09:07:15 pm »
When using the feature Code Engineering->Generate DDL... on a package containing tables and views the export order is the following and cannot be changed by the user:
  • Tables in alphabetic order
  • Views in alphabetic order
This behaviour can make the whole DDL useless when the exported views depend on each other: If for example a view CUSTOMER depends on a view USER the customer view would be created first due to the strict alphabetic order of export thus lacking the existence of the user view.

Possible solutions (sorted from most to least convenient):
  • The DDL generation checks dependencies among the exported tables/views on its own and creates them in the correct order
  • The order of the elements in the Project Browser is used
  • The user can define the order in the DDL export dialog

If there are any feasible workarounds (!=splitting the export or re-sorting the statements after the export) I'd be happy to know them until the issue is fixed appropriately.