Author Topic: Version 3.51 - Build 615 Released  (Read 1632 times)


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Version 3.51 - Build 615 Released
« on: June 12, 2003, 08:06:45 pm »
Changes in Build 615
Added support for picking up initializer lists in .CPP file and correctly re-synching the same on code generation
Fixed bug with pointer reference being reversed in C++ (*& becomes &*)
Fixed bug in parser where many macros are defined in Refrence/Language Macros. Caused incorrect parsing of some tokens.
Fixed problem with output of Tagged Value notes in RTF
Fixed issue with import/synchronization of attributes delared as arrays eg. int x[100]; in C++
Added support for "volatile" keyword in Java and C++
Fixed issue with "unsigned long" data type in CPP imlpementation file paramter list
Added ability to define a system wide "Watermark" for diagrams when printed or output to image. See View/Options dialog - Diagram page
Fixed problem with Collaboration graphic element printing with solid border instead of dashed. Also cured similar problem when zoomed in on Collaboration
Added or improved support for ODBC import and DDL generation of:
         Interbase 6,
         PostgreSQL, and
         Sybase tables,
         including index and foreign key constraints (where supported).
Added and modified existing Database Datatypes. See file ddl_datatypes.xml in EA install directory. Import using the Reference/Import Reference Datatypes dialog
Set index sort radio button to default to ascending in operation extended properties dialog.