Author Topic: Version 3.51 - Build 616 Released  (Read 1587 times)


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Version 3.51 - Build 616 Released
« on: June 24, 2003, 11:39:17 pm »
Changes in Build 616

Fixed error with import of source code directory when resolving generalizations. In some rare circumstances could cause an exception
Fixed error with import of Sequence diagrams from XMI causing intermittent problems with saving message positions in Sequence diagrams
Fixed error with Options dialog pages being offset to far to the left for uses using 'Large Fonts' in windows
Fixed C++ import error of typed operators : eg. TCHAR operator[] () ;
Modified XMI exporter for Rose. Adding <<subsystem>> stereotype to a package will cause that model branch to be exported as a Component Model for Rose
Modified base .EAP file (EABase.EAP distributed with EA) to improve replication support.
Added 'compartment' support in diagrams for states and nodes.
Prevented EA prompting for 'Save' when exiting secure model with no user lock on current diagram
Modified order of word replacements in RTF language adjustment to prevent inadvertent overwrites
Improvements to DDL generation of:
               Column defaults, check constraints,
               Table and column comments,
               Referential integrity and check constraints,
Added option to select referential integrity constraints to table operations.
Added option to skip all rows of a table if an error occurs during data transfer of a model, and during removal of replication.
Fixed saving of association link names greater than 50 characters.
Fixed error on save of Local Options dialog when using .EAP files with replication enabled
Modified XMI export to write log file when requested
Fixed GUI ELements to show text even when stereotype not applied
Modified XMI importer to handle XMI 1.2 files where possible (some work still required)
Modified ECF and TCF dialogs to handle , as a decimal separator where regional settings are configured that way