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Forum Etiquette
« on: July 08, 2013, 02:59:28 pm »
Just a few points to bear in mind when using the forum:

  • Use of the user forum is entirely voluntary and imposes no obligation on anyone to contribute, whether that be the general user audience or Sparx employees. So, if you post a request, it is possible that you might not get a response.
  • You increase the chances of someone providing just the information you need by first reading the EA Help installed within your product, searching the Sparx Systems website, searching this user forum, and/or doing any other research that might be possible for you; then you can ask your questions within a meaningful frame of reference.
  • You also increase your chances of a useful answer by clearly explaining your level of understanding, what it is you want to do, and what your work environment is (including version and edition of EA).
  • Most of the time someone does respond, and there is a core of people with lots of experience and knowledge who take the time and trouble to not only give you an answer, but also research your problem and test whether their solution might work for you; do not take this assistance lightly, it is very valuable
  • If a response is helpful to you, it is polite to say so and thank the person (as most people do); if you have had several responses, it is also very useful to say exactly what bit of information solved the problem
  • If a response is not helpful to you, try providing more information (as above); if you have reached the end of the road, or the response is way off target, simply ignore the response or reply with a brief message such as "Sorry, this solution did not work for me, but thanks for your help anyway."
  • By the same token, if someone does not respond politely to your help, simply ignore the response or, to indicate that they might reconsider their words, post a short message such as "Sorry, I was trying to help you."
  • Please do not be rude, call people names or become abusive, how ever apparently unhelpful or provocative the post might have been. Abusive posts are deleted by the administrators, under the terms and conditions that you agreed to by joining the forum (which are also sticky-posted in this section)
  • Have fun on the forum, stay light, enjoy the exchange of really useful knowledge and experience, freely offered and gratefully received in good humor and friendliness.
And thanks for being here!
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