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Addin/Plugin Support
« on: April 09, 2003, 04:13:55 am »

I have developed a number of utility applications that automate the process of some aspects of our model creation & documentation via the automation interface.

It would be really good if EA supported some generic interfaces for pluging these applications into the EA environment e.g. ActiveX components. The kind of integration initially required would be for a plugin to extend the menu/toolbar and the pop-up context menu for the explorer view. Going on from that maybe an event interface to inform the plugin of significant activities occuring in EA.

The biggest gain for me would be the ability to hook to Explorer view context menu as most of my applications have the same code in them to locate a model, open it, and create an explorer view of their own to arrive at the relevent package or element before the real processing can begin.

Thanks. Darren.
Darren Lock
United Kingdom