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Elements as packages
« on: April 10, 2003, 02:09:34 am »
Hi Sparx,

When I organise the projectbrowser, I tend to drag classes under a component, innerclasses under classes, "sub" UseCases under UseCases, etc.

EA gives me the possibitilty to do so in the projectbrowser, but in my opinion, that possilibity lacks the following features:
- Sorting of elements under parentelements;
- Reset sorting of elements under parentelements;
- RTF Documentation has difficulty handling nested elements: sorting and nesting is not properly done;
- Using automation for obtaining childelements of a parent: objects have packageIDs for that sort of automation, but I guess it will be harder to have something like a parentID (maybe instead of packageID  ???);

It might also be nice to automatically generate the correct relations when dragging elements under a parentelement:
- classes under a component: aggregation (as is already done when dragging a class on a component);
- classes under classes: innerclass;
- UseCases under UseCases: I believe <<extends>> dependency;

I'm not sure about UML specs on nesting, I guess that only packages allow nesting in UML. But I like the possibilities of EA on this feature.