Author Topic: There's Issues and There's Issues...  (Read 3444 times)


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There's Issues and There's Issues...
« on: June 03, 2003, 01:27:15 pm »

Unless I've missed something, there is no internal mechanism in EA for linking issues on custom diagrams with project issues managed from the Project>Issues menu command.  While it isn't that difficult to run an SQL Append query to load the latter database table from the former, to wit:

INSERT INTO t_issues ( Issue, Owner, Notes, IssueDate, Status )
SELECT t_object.Name, t_object.Author, t_object.Note, t_object.CreatedDate, “Open”
FROM t_object
WHERE (t_object.Object_Type="Issue")
AND (t_object.Name NOT IN
(SELECT DISTINCT t_issues.Issue from t_issues));

(MyODBC + Access get around the lack of sub-selects in MySQL 4.0.13- nicely)

... it would be better if these two tables were linked (or at least linkable ala internal & external requirements) within EA.

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