Author Topic: Support 'Element' and 'Property' in UML profiles  (Read 5485 times)


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Support 'Element' and 'Property' in UML profiles
« on: June 06, 2006, 02:40:20 am »
I like the UML profile functionality in EA, but I'm finding it very limiting because it doesn't appear to be possible to select either 'Element' or 'Property' as the metaclass.  In particular, 'Element' seems to be necessary to create abstract base stereotypes that define a set of tagged values that can then be extended to produce a class steroetype, an attribute stereotype, etc.

Are the full set of UML 2.0 metaclasses going to be supported soon, or am I missing something in the way EA makes the functionality available?  Thanks a lot in advance,

Cheers, Tony.