Author Topic: JSON Object property in Schema Composer  (Read 2940 times)


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JSON Object property in Schema Composer
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:22:46 am »
I have generated a JSON schema from a simple class diagram that has a class, AircraftDeicing with an attribute, MessageCreateDate which has a type, string. I then manually add the "format" :"date-time" and the "pattern" : "regular expression" as below:

"AircraftDeicing": {
         "type": "object",
         "properties": {
            "MessageCreateDate": {
               "description": "This is the date the message was created",
               "type": "string",
               "format": "date-time",
               "pattern": "^-*[^T:-]+-[^T:]+$"

This schema returns a document frgment
"MessageCreateDate": "2017-11-16T11:04:00Z", but "MessageCreateDate": "2017-11-16",

I created tags to define the value pairs on the "MessageCreateDate" attribute but the Schema Composer did not pick these up.
How may I add these values as properties of the "MessageCreateDate" attribute in EA? Thank you in anticipation.