Author Topic: tangible architect integrates C#, Database and UML  (Read 6868 times)


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tangible architect integrates C#, Database and UML
« on: December 23, 2003, 10:25:09 am »
tangible® architect™ offers model-based code generation for VS.NET and EA UML.

Check it out at

tangible® architect™ generates the object-oriented database access layer of the application and its database schema from within Visual Studio.NET. The object model's specification can be defined in code by means of attributed C# interfaces, use of wizards or by means of an UML-Model. The object model and database schema can be easily modified using the integrated object model browser. Code changes can be synchronized to the UML-Model using round-trip engineering.

The generated object model realizes a connection-oriented architecture with a pessimistic locking strategy. It is optimized for data-bound controls. The object-oriented database browser adds additional value to the product.

tangible® architect™ eases the development of .NET database applications as it:

  • Generates your database access layer in form of a strong-typed object model
  • Generates your database schema
  • Implements intelligent caching and pre-fetching
  • Adds data-binding support to your business objects
  • Uses your EA UML Model as input and provides UML roundtrip-engineering

Is completely integrated in Visual Studio .NET
tangible® architect™ supports UML Modelling by integration with the powerful, low-priced Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML Tool. Enterprise Architect also includes a XMI im- and export feature, so you can import a model from your favourite UML Tool.

Check out the code project article at