Author Topic: [Active Directory] AD configuration works but users are not able to log in  (Read 8571 times)

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If your Active Directory (AD) configuration is saved successfully but your users are not able to log in, please check if
1. Windows sign-in is enabled in Menu > Active Directory
2. Users are using their user-ids and not their email addresses to log in
3. A proper domain or sub-domain is added to the “Domain” field in Active Directory configuration. Global domain names should not be used. For example, it should be “” and not “”
4. The user is not part of a nested group. If you have added an AD group, it should have the users who will be accessing Prolaborate. If the Users of groups inside this group try to log in, they will not be able to log in.
5. The password of the user has not expired

Learn more about Active Directory configuration here.
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