Author Topic: Let's discuss Prolaborate best practice  (Read 10212 times)


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Let's discuss Prolaborate best practice
« on: July 08, 2019, 09:01:15 pm »
The idea here is to start a discussion about how to make best use of the Prolaborate features. We're just starting out with a Proof of Concept ourselves, so I don't expect I'm bringing any new insights at this point. But I do really love the concept and the user interface is stunning. With a considerable amount of flexibility in how to use the product, it seems wise to share best practice. My initial observations and questions for any trailblazers out there are:

  • Best way to hold discussions in the context of a review? It looks as though review comments are the same as discussion comments, but tagged against a review(?). But we’re not sure how this helps us navigate on a per review basis probably because we’re not taking the right approach?
  • We’re unclear how to freeze the content of a section so that during a review period there are no shifting sands: it appears as though edits can take place within Prolaborate after someone has commented on the content – and this could rather invalidate a review comment. I suspect the answer to this is to enable user security on the database and lock the content during the review period? Probably you'd want to do this anyway to stop EA users directly altering the content under review.
  • How a moderator can flow the review comments into the model content?