Author Topic: Oops! Something went wrong on opening Access Permissions page  (Read 13808 times)

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Was EA database used while installing Prolaborate? Are these tables [AccessRights table and t_attribute table] present in the Prolaborate database?
If yes, the databases are configured incorrectly.

Kindly follow the steps to configure a new database for Prolaborate application.
  • Create an empty database called Prolaborate
  • Choose MySQL/Microsoft SQL Install schema from this page based on the database server used for Prolaborate
  • Run the chosen schema in the new database
  • Open Prolaborate Service Management.exe and update the database details (Typically located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Prolaborate\ProlaborateServiceManagement)

  • Go to Prolaborate Health checks page and check whether there are no issues
  • Go back to Access Permissions page and check